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To request a reservation and among our wedding dress cleaning specialists, please Call Us and finish the shape. We’ll respond as quickly as possible to verify your reservation.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Upkeep

At Concord Cleaners, our company specializes in wedding dress cleaning, restoration, and upkeep. Our outfit specialists will carefully clean, restore, steam, press, preserve, and/or finish your gown for just about any occasion—whether it’s for any marriage ceremony, Christening, or anniversary party. We know that your wedding gown isn’t any ordinary outfit. We make use of the safest and many effective cleaning methods, and even if you bring us a completely new dress or perhaps a 50-year-old vintage gown, we’re dedicated to giving your outfit the expert care it deserves.

Why Trust Concord Cleaners together with your Gown?

Concord Cleaners has offered special outfit cleaning since 1958, and wedding dress restoration and upkeep services since 1982. We treat countless wedding and Christening gowns every year, so we possess the understanding and expertise needed to guarantee the the best results. No two wedding gowns are identical. Our expert cleaning professionals will come across along with you one-on-one and treat the wedding or Christening gown with personal, individualized care. You can rely on your dress is going to be handled delicately and professionally, with focus on the tiniest details.

Individualized Restoration and Cleaning Process

First, our specialists inspect your gown to look for the optimal method of stain removal. Once stains are removed, your outfit is delicately cleaned and dried. This will make it publish-treated for just about any remaining stains and re-cleaned when needed. Finally, your gown is hands-pressed or steamed and thoroughly packaged, prepared to be worn or securely stored. You may choose to get it preserved and boxed for storage, or finish-tight on immediate reuse. You may even decide to have your outfit hung—to be shown in an event like a anniversary party.

Wedding Dress Upkeep Tips

When preparing for lengthy-term storage, we advise the next outfit upkeep tips:

  • Make sure to have your wedding gown or Christening gown preserved as quickly as possible to avoid stains from setting.
  • Store your outfit inside a awesome, dry space.
  • Conserve a constant temperature within the space where your outfit is stored.
  • Avoid exposing the gown to sunlight, moist basements, and stale attics.

Have questions regarding our wedding dress cleaning and upkeep services? Call us. We provide competitive prices, friendly service, along with a knowledgeable staff dedicated to giving your gown the specialized care it deserves.


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