Wedding gown cleaning, alterations, wedding dress upkeep

Evaluating wedding gown cleaning companies

Your wedding event

will undeniably be probably the most memorable times of your existence. Preserve these wonderful recollections by passing your beautiful wedding dress lower with other family people! Sarni Cleaners has over 80 years’ experience being careful

of valued clothes. We guarantee you’ll be very astounded by our

wedding dress upkeep services.

Prior to the Wedding – Alterations and Cleaning

Bring your wedding dress to the expert tailors for minor alterations. We’ll press your gown prior to taking the wedding pictures. After your pictures, we’ll edit any spots if required. Only then do we will press your gown again before your wedding event.

Following the Wedding – Upkeep

Regardless of whether you keep

your wedding gown following the wedding or provide away, remember to have it

cleaned first. Cleaning your wedding gown will remove limousine stains, reception

spills, sweat, makeup, wedding cake along with other dirt before it &quotsets

in&quot permanently.

Our trained specialists will individually hands neat and hands

finish each wedding gown on the premises. We carefully inspect for spots,

tears and stains. Before pre-treating any stains, we test to find out when the beading or

ornaments in your dress are appropriate for dry cleaning.

Then we clean the

wedding gown with gentle effective cleaning solutions. We fluff-dry it and

Wedding gown cleaning, alterations, wedding dress upkeep inflict needed small repairs for example sewing on buttons and beads. Then we

press and hands finish the gown, iron each layer individually while having to pay special attention

to lace work, bows and beads. Following a final inspection, we carefully shape and pack your dress and accessories with tissue paper for safe

storage within the best archival quality box available. We put products for example mitts, hats and

footwear within the box together with your dress. Finally we’ve it sent to you anywhere inside the U . s . States.

Our wedding dress upkeep service

guarantees that the dress will remain just like elegant because it was at the time that

you stated &quotI Do.&quot

We provide other services to revitalize

other family heirlooms for example

&bull Christening Gowns

&bull Vintage Clothing

&bull Promenade Dresses

&bull Museum Pieces

&bull Toy Dresses

&bull Heirloom Quilts

&bull Heirloom Linens and Doilies

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How to Clean a Bridal Dress : Wedding Dresses & Bridal Attire

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