Upholstery cleaning, fabric cleaning, leather cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, fabric cleaning, leather cleaning

For Dry Cleaning:

Kleenrite OMS- Odor free Mineral Spirits (OMS) is a top quality grade odor free mineral spirits for that dilution of Dry Cleaning Concentrate into ready-to-use solutions of Upholstery Solution or Drapery Solution. Dries residue free. Non-toxic and Biodegradable. safety data sheet

Dry Cleaning Concentrate- For Waterless Upholstery &amp Drapery Cleaning, Dry Cleaning Concentrate provides exceptional cleaning results on all fabrics, especially bleeders and crushed velvets. It has color brighteners leaving a enjoyable scent. Dries rapidly, non-chlorinated, non-flammable, nontoxic and biodegradable. safety data sheet

For Business:

Matrix All Fiber Rinse- All Fiber Rinse leaves fibers searching their finest. It neutralizes odors and rinses away every trace of dirt and cleaning solution, departing behind a residue-free fabric that’s squeaky neat and soft to touch. safety data sheet

Chemspec Powdered Cotton Upholstery Cleaner- This unique method is particularly made to neat and brighten cotton upholstery fabrics and minimizes the risk of browning (a typical occurrence with cotton fibers) getting back natural look. safety data sheet

Scotchgard Fabric &amp Upholstery Protector- Gives fabric a repellency to assist safeguard against soiling and stains from absorbing into fabric fibers for simpler release with cleaning. Won’t alter the look, feel or breathability of the fabric. safety data sheet

Upholstery cleaning, fabric cleaning, leather cleaning


For Smooth Leather: Chemspec Leather Cleaner and Conditioner- Specifically designed to help remove both surface dirt and dirt that is held in the grain from the leather. This advanced formula works well against dirt, though not dangerous towards the leather. Not only will it clean leather, additionally, it restores and prolongs the leather’s natural splendor. Leather Cleaner and Conditioner replaces natural oils, which leather has a tendency to lose with time. It makes sense a gentle, supple look without any greasy residue. safety data sheet

For NuBuck and Suede: Leather Master NuBuck Cleaner- This particularly formulated cleaner cleans most stains and soiling from nubuck leathers. It’s a water product which penetrates in to the surface to wash without harming your nubuck leather. Nubuck Eco-Protector-  provides excellent protection for Nubuck and highly sensitive leathers by assisting in repelling against oil, water and alcohol based stains and soil.

Leather Master Leather Degreaser- This method is for removing oil (usually from skin and hair) in the kinds of leather. Applied via a spray, it dissolves the oils and transforms them right into a powder that’s more absorbent compared to leather. This powder will be easily wiped off, cleaning and degreasing the leather.

Their list includes our most generally used rug cleaning agents. We feature numerous place cleaners and stain treatments which may be used along with these cleaners. If you’d like info on anything this is not on their list, please send us an email at customers@angeloscarpet.com

Resourse: https://angeloscarpet.com/services/upholstery-cleaning-2/

How To Clean A Leather Sofa


Noah Mazondo: can this product used also on leather jackets or bags too

raffi sarajsada: good

Thomas Wright: Great product, I used it recently – does what it says.

Cal Man: Hey does this cleaner takes of dried semen stains and other kinds of love juices. I’m not joking this is a serious question?

Bigus Dickus: I have a black pu leather sofa how do i clean it thanks.

FurnitureClinic: +Ajan Sinha There are links in the description. Here they are:

FurnitureClinic: +Arjan Sinha It’s a leather cleaner and leather conditioner, which adds a waterproof and stain-proof layer to keep the leather protected for longer

Arjan Sinha: it is polish or any thing

Arjan Sinha: what is the products

samantha f: I have white spots on my leather looks like paint I don’t know why as I clean it every day with a damp cloth but it won’t go, would this help take it off. thanks

juancaq: Can it be used on bonded leather?

Garrett Fairbanks: I have a baseball mitt that has high quality white leather. I was wondering if it would even clean something like this.

Angeline Enheart: does it work just for leather? how about Vinyl?

Ashley Kirkland: Do you ship to the US?

yon03: Does it remove per odors?

ese fisher: Does this work well with denim stains 

Noluthando Sikhutshwa: How do i get this product i’m in South Africa?

Rita Vivash: I ordered this product several weeks ago and did not receive it, since then I have sent 2 emails but got no response

Breanne Thomlison: thank you! Just bought your recommendation here in NYC.

MrsJvK: Just wanted to say – I bought this and it’s absolutely fantastic. My white sofa looks new again, and I was horrified half way through looking at how it was before!!!!

FurnitureClinic: Hi Stan,

At current exchange rate that would be $38.99. Let us know if you need anything else, more info and products available from our site, linked at the bottom of the video description.


Stan Choi: How much is that in USD?

FurnitureClinic: It’s £24.95.

FurnitureClinic: We do mail order to the USA. You can order them online at Furniture Clinic.

FurnitureClinic: It’s the Leather Care Kit by Furniture Clinic.

FurnitureClinic: No, its’ definitely not the sponge. I know the sponges you are talking about but these are abrasive and should not be used on leather.

It’s our Leather Cleaner doing all the work here.

11aloalo: I know there is a sponge that works like magic, r u sure is not the sponge that do all the work here?

M West: Where can I find this product in America?

Lucia Lazarte: Could you please give us the name of the leather cleaning. How can you present a Video in how to clean leather without giving us the the most important part of it, the tool to do the job.

FurnitureClinic: @mustofakamal Hi, it’s available from Furniture Clinic and we use two products.

1. Leather Ultra Clean – to clean the leather
2. Leather Protection Cream – to condition and protect the leather

Both are available on our website individually or as part of the Leather Care Kit, which is a special offer.

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