Tips and methods for laundry on the highway

Tips and Methods for Laundry on the highway

Even on the short visit to Panama And Nicaragua , you might find yourself looking for clean clothes midway using your travels.

Two sweaty t-shirts, a salt crusted rash guard, mangrove swamped board shorts, dirt caked hiking pants, six smelly socks and a few unmentionable unmentionables – that’s just in one days’ activities.

Adventure travelers could easily undergo 2 or 3 changes of garments before dinner, even though you might not be vain or style conscious another individuals center will be thankful should you a minimum of rinse the stink out.

You will find suggestions around the packing list recommending materials (quick dry, dirt deflecting etc.) and kinds of clothing that could make laundry day simpler.

Laundry day on the farmLaundry day around the farm

Make use of a Service

Unless of course you’re in a remote area the best choice could be to have somebody do laundry for you personally.  Your hotel should have some way to get clean dry sheets and towels and can frequently use their equipment to supply laundry service during lower occasions.  Water used is almost always awesome (hot is nearly uncommon) and line drying is typical.

Prices is usually through the load ($15-$25 per load wash and dry) or even the piece ($.25-$4 per item) and you ought to expect round-the-clock turnaround but can get lucky with 24 hour service certain areas.

You will find basically no self service laundromats in Panama And Nicaragua ,, but laundry services are not unusual.   Prices is usually through the kg ($.40-$1.20) and calculates to around $8-$12 per load for laundry and drying.


Get it done yourselfers can usually benefit from these pointers for laundry inside a sink or concrete wash basin (two flat sinks alongside, usually outdoors close to the clothes line).

  • Please never pollute streams or rivers.
  • If you’ve never hands washed before it’s simple.  Just wet, soapy squeeze and squish until clean.  For those who have a set clean surface use a kneading motion pushing a little pile of garments lower and from after this you moving it well towards yourself.  Rinsing well takes about 3 occasions as lengthy as washing and could be accomplished using the same motion as washing while continuously adding freshwater.
  • Wash a couple of products at any given time.  Lugging 30 lbs of wet clothes around for a few days until it decides to prevent raining or you get a dryer isn’t any fun whatsoever.  Should you have only a couple of wet stuff you can strap these to the outdoors of the pack  to dry.
  • A terrific way to obtain a clean outfit would be to just walk into the shower fully dressed.  Wash and rinse as always then strip and repeat to obtain yourself clean too.
  • Wring difficult to dry, and for those who have an extra dry or semi-dry towel out of your hotel you are able to remove greater than two times just as much water by moving just one layer of garments inside it and wringing again.  Walking on a single finish from the towel and twisting another with hands provides you with probably the most leverage.  Please make certain the ground is neat and don’t ruin the towel by grinding it into dirt or gravel.
  • Line drying could be pretty quick if you’ve introduced the correct fabric and also the sun is intense.
  • If you’ve splurged for anyOrD utilize it. The environment being released isn’t just awesome, but dry in accordance with the environment and things hung in mid-air stream can dry almost as quickly as inside a clothing dryer.

A few Points should you Decide Not to complete Any Wash

  • Always a minimum of rinse the forest or sea water from stuff that get wet.  Should you don’t the bacteria have a field day whenever you pack them.
  • Dry completely before packing if it is possible to.  Otherwise try departing the wet stuff around the outdoors from the pack or spread around within the vehicle.  Should you pack wet stuff you have about 4-8 hrs to unpack them before they begin growing items that won’t ever emerge.


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Zimt Milch: Great tips Jen! I just wanted to quickly tell you that I really like your takes on these videos, especially that you come to the point so quickly in the beginnings! Some women tend to go on and on about the reasons for their videos and often the first 3 minutes are just an introduction. That’s one of the things I like about you and your videos!! Have a nice day!

Alice at Home: Loved this! With three sons I have a heap of laundry to do every day, I always put on my favourite low-concentration-required shows like cookery, Hoarders, Extreme Couponing etc while I iron and I barely notice the time passing!

Kimberly Kelly: I’m watching this in between loads! ��������

ThatsNat04: I’m a person that find doing laundry super therapeutic. Especially agree with what you said about praying and mediation.

Sarah King: I watched this anyway even though I love laundry!! 3 loads done this morning and hung out in the sun. My oldest son will take it in later and I will fold and put into piles for 3 boys to put away in rooms. I sort and fold on my bed which ensures I have to get it done before bedtime! I do at least one load a day but with soccer kits, swimming towels and other sports kits it is never-ending..

Gay Weusten: I’m one of those strange people who enjoys laundry, the whole process, including putting away. You had some great ideas for those who struggle with though 🙂 Love the idea of meditating while doing it, I might try that

Debbie Schneider: Laundry has always been my favorite household chore. My friends think I’m crazy. Lol!

Christine Keys: Bahahaha! Shane just looked at me sideways and asked what the heck I was up to. I was responding to your conversation. I told him to hush, and that Jen and I were having a chat. 😛 Aaaaanyway, I’m a bit of a weirdo, and I enjoy doing laundry. We don’t have much ironing, so I only do that once a week. Otherwise, I do washing daily. I’m also taking that ‘find a place of acceptance’ phrase, and using it with my kids. It’s totally something my mother would say. Hehe!

Robin3494: 5th veiw

Tinana D.I.Y: Everytime I do my laundry I pop netflix on and fold it all while I am watching a show.

Molly Smith: You have probably helped heaps of people with this one. It is a neutral subject for me…just a part of life that needs doing and it is rewarding when it is all done. I don’t really enjoy ironing but I have really awesome quality tools for it so it isn’t horrible. Thanks, Jen!

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