Laundry » vending services

Laundry »  vending services

Using more than 370 washers and 380 dryers campus-wide, it’s easy to maintain your clothes clean and fresh on campus. Mother is going to be so proud.

With LaundryWeb, that you can do the next from the Terrier Card-enabled laundry facility on campus:

  • Check washer/dryer availability live, anytime
  • See the remaining time on any machine being used
  • Join notifications when machines have the freedom or whenever your laundry is performed
  • See the number of other students have asked in regards to a machine’s availability

To obtain began, mind towards the StudentLink and choose Laundry Web in the list within the Food &amp Shelter tab. You should check your Terrier Card balance, too.

When you will pay with Convenience Points at most our machines, we’ve 17 change machines across campus for occasions whenever you can’t.

Were built with a problem lately?

If you’ve had a problem lately having a washer or dryer, please send us an email and ask for reimbursement and we’ll work to have it fixed.

Laundry Locations

With more than 750 washer and dryers on campus, you’ll be certain to locate one close and convenient. Listed here are a lot of our largest laundry facilities, but you’ll also find a number of other units in structures and residences throughout campus.

Major laundry facilities

Claflin Hall (West Campus)

273 Babcock St. 11 Washers, 12 Dryers

Sleeper Hall (West Campus)

275 Babcock St. 13 Washers, 10 Dryers

Wealthy Hall (West Campus)

277 Babcock St. 10 Washers, 10 Dryers

Kilachand Hall

91 Bay Condition Rd. 12 Washers, 12 Dryers

The Towers

Laundry »  vending services 140 Bay Condition Rd. 20 Washers, 20 Dryers

Student Village I

10 Buick St. 23 Washers, 24 Dryers

Student Village II

Harry Agganis Way 28 Washers, 28 Dryers

Danielsen Hall

512 Beacon St. 6 Washers, 8 Dryers

Myles Standish Hall

610 Beacon St. 12 Washers, 12 Dryers

South Campus Laundry

44 Buswell St. 14 Washers, 14 Dryers

575 Commonwealth Ave

575 Commonwealth Ave. 12 Washers, 14 Dryers

Warren Towers A-Fairfield Tower

700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-A) 6 Washers, 6 Dryers

Warren Towers B-Marshall Tower

700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-B) 6 Washers, 6 Dryers

Warren Towers C-Shields Tower

700 Commonwealth Ave. (WRT-C) 20 Washers, 20 Dryers

580 Commonwealth Avenue

12 Washers, 12 Dryers

815 Albany Street

815 Albany St. 10 Washers, 10 Dryers

1019 Commonwealth Avenue

7 Washers, 8 Dryers

Laundry 101

BU mascot Rhett the Terrier imparts his distinctively canine undertake doing laundry. Browse the story on BU Today.




lidsman2221: Loved the video. Just be careful that the stuff your buying does not say that is Not Marked for Individual Resale. If you get caught doing that you can get into trouble. That is why it is better to shop at Costco or Sams if your running a vending business everything they sell is marked for individual resale. Selling stuff that is not marked correctly could cause people to buy a product that is missing allergy information or even nutrition labeling. Stuff that is marked for resale will have all of that information that a customer would need to make an informed decision as to buy that item or choose something different. Also you can put gum in that little window above the product selector. I definitely would like to see more vending videos. Thanks!

Cruzinon22s: Nice video. I didn’t think the Pringles were going to work, but two at a time should be fine. Just make sure you have the stuff close to you so no one walks by and grabs anything when you back is turned filling the machine.

Biggest Pyro: You should fill your machine with mc Donald’s cheese burger lol they last forever

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NickatNite411: This is what my life has come down to……watching A guy stock A vending machine. :O

Cole Moynihan: You put so many fucking ads in this vid

Easton McRee: You’re stuff in ur vending machine is cheap at my its 1.25 for chips

Bob smith: I have always wondered what’s in a vending machine, finally I know and I would love to see inside the soda machine . great video man!

Arturo Soto: I wonder what the woman at the start was thinking.

PhoenixTacy: Who realized when he said 1$ for the smaller pringles then the bigger bags of chips for 0.75

xXKatelynnXx: I know where that is ��

jake mahoney: I wish I could have one

Mark B.: Why is this interesting

turtle eats tomato: hey i dont know if u know this, but you should do lke the most expensive stuff at eye-hight and the cheapest top and bottom.

slicedpage: I hope you fill all the spirals of all your machines

Aly Bear: You should go to dollar tree! They have snacks and everything’s a dollar

Crispy Memes: U spelled getting wrong in the title

Mr_epicness 24: :34 he looks like Sam tabor from that angle

Bomb Squad Slots: that machine is still so dirty. why would anyone buy something to eat from a grimy machine .. clean it for real

Sidney Pendergrass: You for got the rice krispies treats..

frubical: Lol if vending is this easy my new route should do well its so easy this caveman can do it

Jim Kemp: how do you get permission to put your machines at these locations and are you splitting your profits with the owners?

ThaRealSosaBaby Vlogs: how do u get started in a career like that?

TFranticlypants2: Can u please make a video about how to start a vending machine business that would really help me

Noobanator: hes at my favorite walmart

Slaughtz: Put Capri Sun in your vending machines

Jayce Mason: We have subway in my Walmart

Grim Reaper: put the pringles to the far left, this way they have the side of the machine to hold them in place…

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