Laundry delivered

Laundry delivered
Would you serve my area?

To keep customers manageable and to guarantee the greatest quality service we’re presently servicing accounts within the following metropolitan areas and towns:

Malden, Medford, Everett, Stoneham, Studying, North Studying, Wakefield, Saugus, Lynnfield, Melrose, Woburn, Wilmington and Winchester.

We all do extend our position for commercial clients. Please call us directly for commercial accounts.

How lengthy will it decide to try get my laundry back?

&ldquoTypically&rdquo wash, dry &amp fold service turnaround is following day, an attended or unwatched pickup/delivery time is paramount factor.

Must I tip the motive force?

Most in our customers tip our motorists 15% from the total bill, but exactly how much you tip is entirely your decision for orders under $75. We’ll give a 15% tip for orders over $75.

What’s Attended versus. Unwatched Pickup/Delivery?

With attended service you’re considering a delegated time once the driver will get or deliver your laundry. This method is usually for those who can&rsquot leave their laundry inside a designated place in their home (i.e. porch, hallway). Or a person that would rather personally hands their laundry towards the driver.

With unwatched service, you choose your day you need for all of us to get or deliver. The motorists will get to an unspecified time block (Between 2-4 pm for instance). For unwatched service a person informs us a particular location in the address in which the laundry shall be selected up or delivered.

Would you provide bulk or commercial laundry service?

We definitely! Email we and us will respond As soon as possible.

Laundry delivered I want a laundry bag. Just how much will they cost?

Our durable nylon laundry bags cost $10 each and could be full of 30 pounds of nice dirty laundry.

What days would you get and deliver?

We get and deliver Monday through Saturday.

What’s the Wash, Dry, Fold cost for non-clothes?

Comforters and blankets cost $15.

My clothing is wet. Are you able to charge me for his or her dry weight?

We determine how big the washer utilized by the load of the laundry if this gets to the ability. Thus in case your clothing is wet, the additional weight from the moisture within the clothes means we must wash your dressed inside a greater capacity washer. If you’d like us to ask you for for that dry clothes weight then be sure your clothing is dry whenever we get them.

What must i put my clothes in?

We strongly prefer receiving your clothes in trash bags or perhaps in reversible carry bags. If you don’t possess a trash or laundry bag you can buy huge duty reversible nylon laundry bag for just $10. We kindly ask that you don’t give us clothes in heavy hampers, luggage, or other heavy containers once we weigh your clothes during these containers. As a result it&rsquos to your advantage to place your laundry in bags which are as light as you possibly can. (The nylon laundry bags are ideal.)

Have you got a minimum per order?

Yes. The minimum is $28.62 per order that is 18 pounds. Obviously we still get orders under 18 pounds, however, the cost is $28.62.

Resourse: http://laundrydelivered.internet/

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