Wisshwash – laundry and dry cleaning services in jaipur

Wisshwash - laundry and dry cleaning services in jaipur


Wissh Wash is very happy to provide professional pick-up and delivery laundry services to the customers while offering quality and convenience in an affordable cost. We provide you, our customers, our services susceptible to your compliance with and acceptance from the conditions and terms mentioned and hang forth below. Your utilization of Wissh Wash services (“Services”) signifies your agreement to become bound through the conditions and terms contained herein. Please browse the following provisions carefully and if you don’t agree, don’t make use of the services. These conditions and terms are relevant on purchases placed either via website or call or our application.

1. Exactly what does service imply?

Services here shall include laundry services i.e. wash and iron, wash and fold and dry-clean services only. Every other services shall not form part of our services unless of course pointed out here. The word service within the entire document shall include only what’s been pointed out hereabove.

2.0 Scheduling and Pickup of order

2.1 Pickup will occur only on the pre-determined time slot except on public holidays which scheduling won’t be permitted.

2.1 All the garments should be paid towards the Wissh Wash representative within the laundry bag he brings along and also the customer must inform the representative concerning the service he/she desires to avail.

2.2 Wissh Wash reserves the authority to determine the precise duration of pick-up inside the selected time slot which will be informed towards the client in advance.

2.3 If the client isn’t discovered to be in the host to get then Wissh Wash reserves the authority to cancel an order without prior notice as well as reserves the authority to accept or reject the re-scheduled order through the same customer.

2.4 Please make sure you get digital delivery of the pickup which includes the facts from the order. Wissh Wash doesn’t hold any responsibility in case of any inconsistency within the order so placed to avail our services should you lose digital receipt.

2.5 Wissh Wash reserves the authority to reject the orders from their service area and can’t take place responsible for the similar.

2.6 You have to make an order of atleast 3kg clothes for wash and iron or wash and fold. So far as the dry-cleaning is worried, atleast 5 clothes or clothes are needed to put an order. We don’t accept orders below this limit.

2.7 Service areas list continues altering and we’re not accountable for notifying the shoppers.

3.0 Order Processing

3.1 On receipt of clothes at Wissh Wash premises, we reserve the authority to withhold any clothes for more processing if your particular outfit isn’t found appropriate for that service so availed. For example if your outfit continues to be sent for wash and iron which is not suggested through the professional to transmit that outfit with this service as it might be broken or else only then do we reserve the authority to withhold the outfit as well as an intimation will be delivered to the customer. In such instances the outfit is going to be processed once an itemized request in the client through his/her registered email id.

3.2 We don’t guarantee removal of all types of stains. We attempt our very best to get rid of the stains although not at the expense of fabric being broken.

3.3 In situation certain stains can be taken off by dry-cleaning only or can’t be removed 100% then your customer will be informed via a written communication sent on his email id and Wissh Wash can’t be held accountable for the similar.

3.4 We don’t hold any responsibility for clothes called hands wash only or dry clean only should they have received for normal wash or the other way around. Book the outfit labels before placing an order.

3.5 We aren’t accountable for any products which have come with the clothes. If found we shall return exactly the same but we don’t hold any responsibility for his or her loss or damage. Look into the clothes correctly before placing an order.

3.6 We make sure that neat and crisp clothing is delivered at the doorstep. Thus, we take utmost care while packing clothes for wash/dry-clean so they stay neat and crisp till they achieve you. However, we reserve the authority to reject any sort of instructions provided by you which ones relates to packaging of garments which is different from the typical practices of Wissh Wash.

Wisshwash - laundry and dry cleaning services in jaipur

4.0 Loss/ Harm to Clothes

4.1 We take utmost care while cleansing the clothes but don’t hold any responsibility for color bleeding, shrinking or any alternation in the outfit because of washing or dry-cleaning.

4.2 In situation associated with a loss or harm to any outfit, Wissh Wash needs to be notified within 48 hrs of delivery. We shall ‘t be responsible associated with a claims publish 48 hrs of receiving the order.

4.3 Though we make sure that all of your clothing is delivered with no loss or damage however in situation any damage or loss happens, Wissh Wash reserves the entire right to look for the compensation to become compensated towards the claimant.

4.4 We aren’t accountable for any lack of outfit when the client doesn’t hold the digital receipt and it has no evidence to demonstrate the selected up clothes haven’t been delivered.

5.0 Delivery

5.1 Once an order is able to be delivered, the client will be accustomed to the time and date of delivery via text as well as an email on his registered email id.

5.2 If the client really wants to reschedule the time and date of delivery because of his non-availability in those days, he then should inform they via written communication through his registered email id.

5.3 Wissh Wash won’t entertain any free re-cleaning claims or demands if delivery of garments continues to be delayed on client’s request these types of which clothes emit bad odour.

5.4 If the client isn’t available at the area of delivery then just one more attempt is going to be designed to provide the clothes pursuant that the customer will need to pay transportation charges.

5.5 Clothes will be delivered once the payment has been created.

6.0 Payments &amp Prices

6.1 All the costs listed happen to be reasonably set thinking about the conventional size, weight and materials.

6.2 We reserve the authority to boost the service cost for particular cloth/clothes if they’re discovered to be not the same as the conventional category (mainly for dry-clean). Customer is going to be informed comparable and may even revoke an order. Nevertheless the client will need to spend the money for transportation charges for the similar.

6.3 Prices may change and we’re not prone to inform the shoppers comparable. Please have a tap on prices tab on website and application. (The revision in prices will be relevant around the orders that’ll be placed from/following the date of revision and shall not change up the orders happening)

6.4 We accept payments by Cash, Card on delivery and Paytm. For individuals who would like to pay via internet banking need to reveal before-hands to ensure that we are able to be sure that the invoice has been sent prior to the delivery.

6.5 We reserve the authority to withhold as well as confiscate the garments of the customer who refuses to help make the payment.

7.0 Others

7.1 We reserve the authority to cancel the pick-up and delivery, when the customer doesn’t achieve the area of pick-up and delivery within fifteen minutes of Wissh Wash representative reaching the client premises without notifying the client.

7.2 Only 8 set of socks are permitted so as, additional pairs are susceptible to yet another control of Rs.5 per pair.

7.3 For express laundry services read our FAQ section. When the order continues to be placed directly under express delivery, it can’t be downgraded to normalcy delivery and also the customer will need to make payment for express delivery services only.

7.4 Wissh Wash offers lots of marketing discounts and all sorts of conditions and terms pointed out within the sections above is going to be relevant on purchases placed directly under these marketing offers too.

Resourse: http://wisshwash.com/

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