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Irrrve never understood dry cleaning: you fall off your clothes in a windowless office inside a commercial park, wait 2 days, and collect your magically cleaned clothing with complimentary wardrobe hangers and elusive chemical odor. What goes on to my clothes for the reason that room? How did they have that nasty stain out without needing water? And, seriously, what’s that smell?

Apparently , the solution to each one of these questions is identical: chemicals. When the whole secret behind dry cleaning is the use of toxic chemicals, then what is &quotgreen&quot dry cleaning? Within my search to discover this mystery, When i first needed to learn exaclty the way the conventional dry cleaning process labored.

Perchloroethylene or &quotperc&quot may be the dry cleaning chemical utilized in 80% of dry cleaning operations within the U . s . States. Despite what suggested by its name, dry cleaning isn’t a dry process. Perc is really a liquid chemical employed for industrial degreasing and deodorizing that first won preference among dry cleaners for being able to clean fabric without shrinking or fading. Clothes introduced towards the dry cleaner are submerged within the liquid solvent after which ironed—making your silk blouse ready for an additional put on.

Based on the perc booklet in the New You are able to City department of health, &quotPeople who’re uncovered to high levels for several years are in danger of harm to the central nervous system, liver, and kidneys, certain cancers and reproductive effects.&quot Other known negative effects of perc exposure include: dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness and dying. Yikes.

As consumer preference for &quotgreen&quot solutions increased, so that as more details emerged about perc’s toxicity, more perc alternatives showed up available on the market. A number of these various ways tell you they are &quotorganic,&quot &quotall-natural&quot or &quotgreen.&quot However, studies have shown that just four are really non-toxic. This is a description of every:

CO2 cleaning-Liquid co2 cleaning is a technique that utilizes pressurized liquid CO2 instead of perc. In this method, clothing is put into a specialized machine in which the liquid CO2 dissolves dirt, fats, and oils within the clothing. In the finish from the cleaning cycle, the liquid CO2 is pumped into the storage tank to become reused again, with a few amount inevitably getting away in to the air. This process is endorsed through the Environmental protection agency.

Silicone cleaning– Known as the GreenEarth system, silicone cleaning is comparable to conventional dry cleaning. It uses GreenEarth’s patented Siloxane D5 solution (presently licensed to in excess of 1,300 dry cleaners worldwide) to get rid of stains and odors from fabrics. While there’s some debate concerning the saftely from the silicone based D5 chemical, it’s not a classified air contaminant neither is it associated with any chronic illness—making it a well known eco-friendly choice.

Wet cleaning– A more elaborate form of washing by which clothes are cleaned with water, special detergents and-tech machines after which placed on tensioning equipment to reshape them. This process uses roughly exactly the same inputs as the home laundry machine, and it is endorsed through the Environmental protection agency.

K4 System– German dry cleaning technology that isn’t yet popular in america. Kreussler, the creator from the K4 System, is presently seeking a patent on K4 so very little details are available concerning the technology. However, it’s stated to be  &quotdesigned in a way that, when correctly used, it doesn’t pose a danger to air, water, people and soil.&quot  Marketing speak? Maybe, however the Classification, Labeling and Packaging Commission (a rigid European consumer protection agency) has labeled K4 safe to humans and also the enviornment. Look out for additional K4 cleaners later on when the Spanish people are as forward considering dry cleaning because they are about creating cars, this product is well positioned to alter the landscape from the American dry cleaning market.

Prior to doing these studies I had been conflicted about whether or not to select a eco-friendly cleaner over conventional cleaning. Now we all know that selecting among the above four methods is really better for that earth, dry cleaning industry workers, and our overall health. But (there’s always a but), the best solution for that lengthy term wellness of the world would be to launder our clothes less frequently altogether. Read our planet Day &quotTips for going Eco-friendly&quot publish to understand ways to look after your clothes while taking care of the earth.

October 31st, 2012

Resourse: http://greeneileen.org/what-is-eco-friendly-dry-cleaning-anyway/

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