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professional-dry-cleaningDry Cleaning is a straightforward procedure that cleans clothing without using water. However, despite its name, the operation is not totally dry. Fluids are utilized within the dry cleaning process.

A History

Dating back the 1840’s in Paris, there is an unexpected discovery whenever a oil-type fluid was accidentally spilled on the greasy fabric. It rapidly evaporated and also the stains were miraculously removed. The firm of Jolly-Belin is credited because the first dry cleaning firm.


In the past, several fluids were utilised as dry cleaning solvents, including camphene, benzene, oil, and gasoline. These fluids are dangerously flammable, dry cleaning was considered a dangerous business until safer solvents were developed.

Within the 1930’s, percholoroethylene, or perc for brief, was introduced and it is used today in lots of dry cleaning plants. It demonstrated to become safer and clean better. Other cleaning solvents happen to be added, including hydrocarbon, Eco-friendly Earth, yet others which are presently being introduced and tested.


A dry cleaning machine is comparable to a mixture dryer and washer, only bigger. The clothes are loaded in to these machines and also the solvent is progressively put into lift and eliminate the soil. Following the cleaning cycle, the solvent is drained and extracted via a spin cycle. When the clothing is finished removing, the drying process begins. Heated air circulates with the machine vaporizing the solvent left around the clothes. When finished there’s no remaining residue or solvent odor.

Now you must a much better knowledge of this “magical process’ of dry cleaning.

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