Wet cleaning versus dry cleaning

Wet cleaning versus dry cleaning


is harmful to the atmosphere, to creatures, to adults and also to children.

We are able to be uncovered to PERC as quickly as with the air we breathe and

water we drink.


siblings-in-law John Pigatsiotopoulos and Dave Smallwood made the decision to visit

into business together they’d a couple of criteria they desired to meet: The

business needed to be economically viable, famil -oriented, lead to

the city and hopefully save the atmosphere.


earning money speaks by itself, meeting the remainder of their criteria was

a bit more complicated. Of these siblings-in-law being family oriented

eliminated working Sundays. So pubs, bars, restaurants and then any business

that normally operated on the Sunday was not allowed. Ok now what could they

do this would fulfill all of the their wish-list?

I met track of John and Dave on the Wednesday evening at

their business, Adelfi Cleaners. This really is once they have finished each day

of labor in their other full-time jobs. Dave works in industrial real-estate

and John within an office. At seven at night, they’re cleaning and

preparing the garments for his or her customers with the aid of Dave’s

boy and something new hire. When I consult with them concerning the business they opened up

in Whitby in 2005, I’m struck by their jocularity and respect for every

other as well as their customers.

Whenever you open the doorway to Adelfi Cleaners the very first factor

you see may be the coolness. Unlike the new, damp climate available at most

dry-cleaners, the environment at Adelfi is refreshing. Then you spot the smell.

The sharp acrid odour of chemicals that always burns the nose in the

traditional dry-cleaner’s is missing. The scent here, whilst not

odour-free, is redolent having a heavy sweetness. But Adelfi isn’t a dry-cleaning

facility it’s a wet cleaning facility which ensures they use no solvents

or chemicals to wash clothes. Biodegradeable detergents tri-enzymes

and perobates (accustomed to raise the whitening for white-colored clothes) would be the

order during the day.

3 years before they opened up Adelfi Cleaners Dave’s

brother had recommended they search for a start up business that the friend was

beginning. Dave allow it to pass, but 2 yrs later without any business in your mind

that met all of their criteria, Dave and John found themselves in a conference

researching solvent free cleaning. Adelfi Cleaners grew to become the gleam

within their founders’ eyes.

Why Choose

a Wet-Cleaning system?


dominant chemical utilized by the dry-cleaning industry to wash our clothes

is perchloroethylene also is referred to as PERC and tetrachloroethylene.

PERC is really a without color, nonflammable liquid. The biggest user of PERC is

the dry cleaning industry. It makes up about 80% to 85% of dry cleaning

fluid used. Based on an OPPT chemical booklet made by work

of Pollution Prevention and Toxics people Ecological Protection Agency

(August 1994): “PERC doesn’t happen naturally but is created in

considerable amounts by 3 US companies. Contact with perchloroethylene can happen

at work or perhaps in the atmosphere following releases to air, water,

land, or groundwater. Exposure also occurs when individuals:

– use products that contains PERC

– spend some time in dry cleaning facilities which use PERC

– live above or next to these dry cleaning facilities, or

– bring dry cleaned clothes to their home.


enters your body when inhaled with contaminated air or when consumed

with contaminated food or water. It’s less inclined to be absorbed through

skin contact. Once in your body PERC usually stays, kept in fat tissue.”


term contact with PERC causes nerve, kidney and liver damage. Lengthy

term exposure may cause spontaneous abortions and leukemia (Information

in the US Ecological Protection Act http://world wide web.environmental protection agency.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/tet-ethy.html).

PERC has additionally been based in the breast milk of nursing moms at concentrations

greater than individuals based in the bloodstream. This will be significant and bears repeating

because once PERC is incorporated in the body it may remain, kept in fat tissue.

When individuals fats are damaged lower for nursing moms to give their babies,

the PERC present in individuals tissues is given from mom in to the

baby. We are able to be uncovered to PERC as quickly as with the air we breathe

and also the water we drink. PERC is harmful to the atmosphere, to creatures,

to adults and also to children.

The utilization and disposal of PERC is heavily controlled through the

Canadian Ecological Protection ACT (CEPA) even though PERC is not

created in Canada it remains imported, mainly to be used like a

solvent within the dry-cleaning and metal-cleaning industries ( http://world wide web.ec.gc.ca/substances/ose/eng/psap/PSL1_tetrachloroethylene.cfm).


everyone knows, we are able to regulate anything we would like but regulation doesn’t

always result in safety for citizens. Accidents happen and mistakes

occur. Atmosphere Canada notes: Tetrachloroethylene continues to be measured

in outside air and in mid-air inside homes within Canada, and it has been

detected in consuming water across the nation as well as in contaminated surface

waters within the Great Ponds and also the St. Lawrence River. The substance is

contained in groundwaters in a number of provinces, frequently because of its

inappropriate disposal and release from dry-cleaning facilities or landfills.

The main reason to select a wet-cleaning system over dry-cleaning

is apparent. It’s safer. For you personally, for me personally, for the children and also the

atmosphere. Perchloroethylene is really a toxic substance. It’s harmful to

human and animal health insurance and it harms the atmosphere we rely upon.

Adlefi Cleaners takes care of our clothes while using Miele

Wet Cleaning System. This uses no solvent based cleaners, no PERC, so

the used finish water is harmless instead of toxic. The Adelfi the machine

uses less energy because water is heated when needed (rather to be maintained

inside a warm water storage tank) and steam caused by this method is

utilized further lower the road.


the first is the stain recognizing and removal station where stains are treated

prior to the outfit is defined in to the washer.

Second step is cleansing the outfit within the special Miele automatic washers

– and without a doubt, If only I’d one of these simple inside my house – you will find

24 different cycles to select from, the washer instantly adds the

cleaner (s) with respect to the cycle selected and so the appropriate amount

water is drawn in the machine and also the outfit with different preset

degree of wetness needed. With respect to the fabric being cleaned the device

could be developed to leave the outfit 22% wet, 10% wet or whatever is

necessary to be able to maintain that garment’s integrity.

Third step – the outfit moves towards the dryer.


four – moves the outfit towards the tension machine to become steamed further

fit prior to being hung at risk to completely dry.

Step Five – moves the outfit towards the up-air boards. Now these up-air boards

are extremely interesting. As it would seem they blow air up in to the outfit.

With air blowing with the outfit from underneath the chance of a shiny

place using the iron is minimized plus they allow a much better iron finish. The

up-air boards may also draw air from the outfit permitting crisper,

straighter seams (forget about double seams here). There’s additionally a shirt unit

along with a roll ironer.


the Canadian government regulates the dry cleaning industry and sets out

guidelines around the needs for that use and disposal of Perc within

drycleaning operations it doesn’t offer options to Perc nor incentives

to individuals who wish to move their existing business from the utilization of


Companies that decide to find an alternative choice to this

harmful chemical need and deserve our support.

Resourse: http://eartheasy.com/

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