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Mountaineer Cleaners offers numerous ways in which customers can clean or preserve their beautiful wedding dresses. Additionally to the superior cleaning services, we provide the power for purchasers to obtain their special dress carefully stored for safe keeping.

One choice for customers gets their gown stored on the hanger. A unique hanger can be used, by having an insert placed within the dress to assist it keep its natural shape. Additionally, a unique covering can be used to reduce mildew along with other degeneration.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Additionally to getting your dress put on a hanger, customers may receive their wedding gown in a top quality box created for lengthy-term storage. Wedding Gowns are stored with white-colored, acidity-free tissue paper made to maintain natural color and feel of the gown.  In case your dress includes a veil or any other additional pieces, they’ll be stored individually.

Delicate fabrics frequently don’t stand well from the ages. Despite the fact that our wedding dress cleaning and upkeep process is from the greatest quality, it is recommended that you are taking further steps to be able to slow aging.

  • Always store the wedding gown inside a awesome, dry area. Heat from your attic room makes it possible for the material to yellow, while basements have a tendency to cause mildew.
  • Don’t store your gown on the regular shoulder hanger. This could cause stretching. Rather, sew straps towards the waistline to alleviate stress.
  • Never cover your dress yourself in plastic.
  • Stuff the wedding gown with white-colored, acidity-free tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.
  • Store accessories for your wedding dress individually to prevent damages.
  • Periodically inspect the wedding gown for recently created stains. Make certain to instantly go to some professional to clean.

Storing the wedding gown isn’t necessarily likely to be perfect. With such tips can create the perfect conditions for that durability of the special dress.

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