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You’re wedding dress may be the single one tangible indication of the romance and commitment you earn to each other. Big day bliss can leave your treasured heirloom stained, soiled as well as torn. You would like your wedding event to last forever. Fortunately Kelchner Cleaners has the capacity to provide many a bride within the Lancaster and surrounding areas with quality wedding gown upkeep! We are able to focus our attention on individuals stains as well as on upkeep means of your wedding gown.

Your investment plastic bag and hanger.

To appear great years lower the road, your dress needs serious love and attention. With this two ways of wedding gown upkeep, we could preserve your gown in manners that ensure its survival for generations to come and future celebrations. Reminiscing enables your personal day-to last forever.

Your treasured heirloom is going to be processed onsite (never sent). This enables you to definitely view your gown throughout the wedding gown upkeep process and before packaging. Special attention is offered to stains, ornamentation, repairs and also the soiled hemline. Getting your outfit taken proper care of early after your nuptials might help to prevent permanent stains.

Kelchner Cleaners offers two wedding gown upkeep options: the Museum method “Conservator Series” chest, and also the Museum Method™hanging packaging systems. Both systems offer an acidity/lignon free atmosphere that allow easy viewing and inspection. Kelchner Cleaners offers heirloom gown restoration services if you possess the unique chance to put on a classic gown.

Museum Method Upkeep

Kelcher Cleaners Museum Method PreservationMuseum Method™ ‘wedding gown upkeep the archival option to boxed gown upkeep. This process enables your wedding gown to breath while permitting easy inspection of the outfit. It’s the perfect acidity-free atmosphere.

• Acidity/lignon-free cotton padded hanger &amp bag

• Bodice full of acidity-free tissue

• Hangs in standard closets

• Least chance of permanent creases, permits quick access for inspection



Museum Chest Method Upkeep

  • Conservator Series is really a chest and super tight lid, included in an attractive zippered muslin bag. This kind of upkeep is appropriate for any closet shelf or in the garage storage.
  • Your heirloom is cleaned, lightly folded and packaged using acidity/lignon-free tissue paper along with a muslin liner.
  • The Conservator Series permits quick access for periodic inspection.
  • Detailed suggested instructions are incorporated.


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