Wedding gown upkeep for following a wedding


Should you prefer a need to consider wedding gown upkeep, these ugly-cry inducing photos of ladies within their mother’s wedding dresses will pretty much have the desired effect.

Your wedding gown includes a high sentimental value, for both you and also any future children you might have. Even Rhianna states that they especially treasures her mom’s wedding gown, calling it her “favorite accessory.”

Still, additionally to those touching photos, there are numerous explanations why you need to make certain your wedding gown can last for years after your alter moment.

For just one, wedding vow renewals are rising. Many older brides are going to fit back to their wedding gowns as well and celebrate the truth that their marriage is a supply of pleasure and passion for a lot of years.

Also, the typical wedding gown within the U . s . States costs over $1,250 – so it seems sensible that, when you’re spending that on the dress, you would like it to last for many years!

Within this publish, we’re going to let you know all you need to learn about wedding gown upkeep. Continue reading to learn to keep the dress as beautiful because it was when you initially used it.

Begin Your Wedding Gown Upkeep As soon as possible

You don’t need to drive your dress directly from your reception towards the cleaners. Generally, the earlier you will get your outfitted cleaned after the wedding, the greater. Keep in mind that the more stains take a seat on fabric, the tougher they’ll be to leave.

Stained wedding dress

Should you wait too lengthy, you’ll need to pay a restoration fee, that is usually incredibly costly.

While your dry cleaner may be your go-to guy when you are getting a stain in your favorite blouse, you have to be sure you’re using a wedding dress expert when you are getting your gown cleaned. We advise using a preservationist, which specializes in wedding dresses, instead of a dry cleaner.

If at all possible, find out if your bridesmaid could be prepared to ship your dress to some wedding gown upkeep company, or drop them back personally if it’s nearby.

It’s better to start searching into wedding dress upkeep options before the wedding. This way, you can be certain you’re using a company you can rely on, and that you realize you’ve become the very best cost!

Things To Ask Your Wedding Gown Upkeep Specialist

When you’re searching into potential wedding gown upkeep companies, you should know what questions you should ask.

Here’s a couple of suggestions we created:

  • Request references and photos of past gowns
  • Be aware of cleaning methods they will use, particularly if you’re an eco-friendly bride!
  • Make certain they are able to do hands cleaning as needed
  • Inquire if they are doing the job by themselves premises, or send it elsewhere


Consider their policies

  • Are you held accountable in case your gown sheds?
  • Have they got a guarantee?
  • Are you reimbursed in case your gown is broken?
  • What’s their shipping insurance policy?

Make certain you are aware how they handle prices

  • If your wedding gown upkeep company provides you with a set rate over the telephone, move ahead
  • This can be a sign they don’t take time to really take a look at what must be done
  • Additionally, it ensures they likely won’t perform a thorough job!

Consider Using A Wedding Gown Upkeep Package

If you would like the simplest (as well as among the best) options in wedding gown upkeep, you can consider a package!

This Wedding Dress Upkeep, Prepaid Dress Cleaning and Preserving Package transmits a package having a shipping box. You just mail out your dress (don’t worry, this area has serious padding and shipping insurance) to become preserved.

Traditional Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

If you’re concern about shipping your dress, a lot of companies likewise incorporate tracking options, and they’ll warn you when they get it in their facility. Along with a 100 YEAR Be certain that your dress will remain superbly preserved. Otherwise, your gown is going to be reprocessed at no cost. Your upkeep cost is going to be refunded if they’re not able to get rid of yellowing.

You may also track the progress of what’s being carried out for your gown!

Once it arrives, your gown is going to be cleaned, by having an extra key to make certain your wedding gown won’t get discolored, even when it’s stored for several years.

Regardless of length, style, and beadwork in your dress, it may be cleaned effortlessly and packaged to make certain no moths or any other insects could possibly get inside.

The cleaners are professionals and therefore are trained to utilize a number of materials – even vintage gowns.


Should you had a little dark wine in your wedding dress, fundamental essentials people to help you to have it out. They even find stains that other dry cleaners wouldn’t have the ability to!

Stained wedding dress with red wine

One major stain offender that frequently goes overlooked?

Sugar out of your wedding cake along with other goodies! As time passes, the sugar can change brown, resulting in permanent and ugly stains in your wedding dress. A wedding gown upkeep expert can make certain that doesn’t happen.

Additionally they be aware of proper materials in which to keep your wedding gown. Plastic can be useful for a couple of days, but with time, it can result in discoloration. Rather, most wedding gown upkeep companies make use of a special type of tissue paper that won’t stain your dress – even after a period inside a box.

When the cleaning and boxing process is finished, your gown is going to be shipped back, terrific once again! Usually, the entire process takes between 6-8 days, with respect to the degree of stains and where you reside.

Better still?

Many wedding gown upkeep kits also permit you to send 3 other accessories, which may also be cleaned and preserved.

Congratulations, You’re A Wedding Gown Upkeep Expert!

Now, you realize the wedding gown upkeep steps you have to take to be certain your wedding gown lasts for many years.

Searching for additional wedding gown style advice, inspiration, or unique styles you’d love to test on your own? We’ve got your back – and our understanding doesn’t hold on there.

We’re constantly posting all you need to know to help you get with the stress of wedding ceremony planning. We cover wedding jewellery, stationery, as well as honeymoon destinations, among other topics.

Some suggestions will require the anxiety out, and set the enjoyment in, being prepared for your personal day.


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