Wedding gown upkeep and cleaning

Wedding gown upkeep and cleaning

The large day has ended and you wish to preserve your wedding gown. You never know, maybe you will have a daughter or daughter who’ll eventually wish to put on this very gown. To keep it in pristine condition you will need to do something just following the wedding as you possibly can to preserve the gown.

Why Wedding Dress Upkeep

If you do not preserve the wedding gown, then any stain that could have happened (even water) can permanently harm your dress.

Will I need wedding gown cleaning?

Yes, without dry cleaning and upkeep, your gown will yellow, and it will become musty or mildew. It may even attract moths and develop small moth holes within the fabric. To ensure that this to become a true keepsake, you need to deal with this rapidly. We are able to neat and preserve the wedding gown for you personally.

Just before giving clothing to all of us, you will need to inspect clothing for stains, dirt, holes, loose buttons, or ornamentations which were glued to the dress instead of stitched on. Anything glued on will most likely come loose throughout the cleaning from the dress. If you are handy having a needle (or are going to this), you are able to tack any buttons or ornaments which have come loose yourself, however i heartily claim that you depart any stain removal to all of us. We understand how to deal with stains before the upkeep process.

Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

After you have made note of all things that requires attention, bring clothing to all of us and inform us that you would like the wedding gown cleaned and preserved. We’ll include acidity-free tissue wrapping, along with a large box to keep the dress.

Once the dress is came back, examine it once to make certain that all things have been dealt with and you’re satisfied. Then rewrap the gown and put it within the box inside a temperate area. Never leave this heirloom inside a moist unheated space for storage, nor within an excessively hot attic room. Both extremes will ultimately destroy the gown.

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How to Clean a Wedding Dress

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