Wedding dress upkeep

Wedding dress upkeep

Whatever the reason to possess your wedding dress preserved you need to know you can rely on the organization who’ll do this for you personally.

BridalKare began like a local dry cleaner over 125 years back. Bev represents the fifth generation of this Family Managed Business. She has grown it into an Top Rated, Across the country Recognized Wedding Gown Cleaning and Upkeep Company.

BridalKare has achieved this by treating every single Wedding Gown entrusted for them by Moms and Brides As If You, because the Unique and Valued Heirloom that it’s.  They clean and preserve countless gowns monthly. Yet each dress continues to be hands inspected, individually cleaned after which individually hands inspected again.

Your dress goes with an 11 step wedding dress cleaning and upkeep procedure that BridalKare solely developed. Through the years the family is promoting unique gentle chemicals and careful techniques to remove the most persistent stains. Due to the 125 many years of expertise, they can remove grass stains, perspiration stains, asphalt parking area oils, champagne stains – almost any stain imaginable with no harm to your delicate bridal fabrics.

Due to the Exclusive and Proprietary Cleaning and Upkeep Process they are the only real company to provide an eternity Guarantee against stains re-appearing and fabric yellowing. (find out about the lifetime guarantee -here.)

By using this exclusive 11 step process ensures your cleaned and preserved wedding gown appears to be beautiful because the day you bought it.

1. When the wedding dress arrives in the BridalKare plant it’s checked in, registered after which completely inspected for stains and repairs.

2. Your gown will be hands cleaned across the hem, neckline and underarms. Additionally to being experts at removing dirt, dirt, grass-stains, asphalt parking area oil along with other stains in the hem, they also pay particular focus on removing all the make-up, deodorant and perspiration stains too.

3. Your dress will then be completely inspected having a black light to show any hidden stains. All stains and spots are particularly treated to lightly take them off out of your gown. (Others give back stain stickers and it’s YOUR responsibility to mark any stains.) Their “anti-sugar” treatment removes all sugar stains (usually brought on by wines, sodas, or cake frosting) and keeps them from coming back and yellowing with time.

4. Your wedding dress will be individually cleaned. They use a far more costly “Stoddard” solvent that is eco-friendly and gentler on fabrics as opposed to the perchloroethylene which dry-cleaners along with other upkeep companies use. Their exclusive cleaning process also keeps your wedding gown from yellowing.

5. A complete and thorough re-inspection then happens. Or no problems remain clothing is re-processed.

6. Any needed repairs are created. (minor repairs are carried out free – others charges you extra with this service)

7. Your gown will be individually steamed and hands pressed. It’s also individually dried to make certain all moisture is finished in the dress fabric.

8. Your gown’s bodice is formed and put with an acidity-free bust form for display so you’ll have the ability to observe how beautiful it’s – similar to the day you bought it.

9. The bodice and skirt are layered with acidity free tissue paper to safeguard it.

10. Your dress is then carefully put into an acidity free windowed display box and completely sealed to help keep the moisture in the outdoors humidity out, also to repel mold spores, and dirt. (Moisture within the box/fabric may cause mildew) It’s important too to supply this sealed barrier to help keep insects from getting into and nesting inside your dress.

(10a.) Because the preservation box is sealed for the added protection, you can’t begin to see the stain removal and cleaning completed to your dress.  The employees are pleased to give back actual images of your cleaned and pressed dress.  Simply check mark the request dress pictures around the invoice and can include $5 – whenever you send your dress in to be processed – the staff will email the pics straight to you.  Not one other company offers this kind of added service!

11. The windowed upkeep box is positioned in the white-colored storage box after which these two boxes are put in the protective shipping box and all sorts of are shipped pre-compensated for you via UPS.

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