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The wedding gown is among the best clothing products you’ll own in your own life. The recollections of this big day are worth more, and really should get the utmost care and safekeeping.

Four Seasons Cleaners offers a variety of wedding dress services to assist preserve your recollections of history, in addition to keep the outfit safe as well as in good shape for generations to come.

Professional Tailoring – Heirloom Gowns – Hands Cleaning

Stain Removal – Upkeep – Tips

Professional Tailoring

Four Seasons Cleaners&rsquo expert employees are on hands to create any alterations essential for your personal gown. We are able to replace buttons and zippers, and lower or raise hems.

Heirloom Gowns

So many women possess the recognition of putting on a treasure wedding dress on their own big day. Frequently, these gowns may require special attention and color restoration prior to the wedding.

Four Seasons Cleaners treats all wedding dresses having a special hands cleaning procedure that uses an eco-friendly means to fix prevent damage. We are able to restore most gowns for their original condition, even should they have been poorly preserved. Beads along with other embellishments are repaired where needed, and seams could be reinforced.

Hands Cleaning

Four Seasons Cleaners hands treats and cleans each wedding dress individually. We take every precaution to safeguard delicate beads, embroidery, and lace throughout the cleaning process.

Stain Removal

Wedding dresses are generally stained by soda, sugar, perspiration along with other body oils. These stains frequently dry obvious and can’t be viewed. They aren’t removed by regular dry cleaning processes, and may deteriorate fabrics and cause discoloration if not treated. Four Seasons Cleaners utilizes a unique anti-sugar stain treatment to make sure that these stains – seen or unseen – are removed.


When your gown continues to be completely cleaned and restored, the ultimate procedure for upkeep can start. We are able to put your gown inside a superior quality box to safeguard it during storage. The specifically-designed acidity-free box may also stop your gown from shifting when kept in any position. If you like to hold your gown, we are able to also supply you with a Tyvek outfit bag to safeguard your gown.


Regardless of whether you choose Four Seasons Cleaners or any other vendor for the wedding dress needs, you should think about these pointers to keep your gown searching as beautiful because it did in your big day.

  • Get yourself a written guarantee out of your selected cleaner that invisible stains for example perspiration, sugar and champagne is going to be completely removed.
  • Never sign something that limits a cleaner&rsquos liability from harm to your gown. A business should result in any harm to your gown even though it is within their care.
  • Ask to examine the wedding gown personally prior to it being put in the container, which needs to be a totally acidity-free museum quality archival wedding box lined with fabric or acidity-free tissue.
  • Plastic can discolor your gown and encourages mildew. Only use acidity-free boxes or bags to keep your gown. Make certain that you simply periodically take it out of its storage box to air it.
  • Don’t store your wedding dress within the attic room or basement where you can find extreme alterations in temperature or humidity.

To learn more about our Wedding Dress Upkeep Services, please call us or stay in.


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SAYING YES TO THE DRESS! – My Experience Wedding Dress Shopping


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bruce wayne: steve you lucky asshole.

Stuffyluffy: oh my god I love the relationship between you and your mom

Koby Gilliard: I really enjoyed how she organized the footage lol, it’s kinda like how reality shows are set up except this is real and actually interesting lol

Charlie Zard: Thank you for filming this nikki, im getting married in just under a month and gave me the giggle i needed.

Luc Mallet: just want to say im really happy for you <3

Erin Elizabeth Turnbull: Pleaseeeeee make more of these I LOVE BEING NOSY INTO YOUR LIFE!

Christy Kaderman: i literally got a white lace dress for $9 from Ross last night just incase we randomly courthouse it and im to broke for a real wedding

Sarah McGuire: I’ve never clicked on a video so fast

Albagaga: I’m curious – what wedding traditions are you following and which ones are you not? Has Steve seen the dress? Will you sleep in separate beds the night before the big day? Are you arranging for a drunk uncle to act inappropriately during the rehersal dinner?

madie solberg: you are gonna film the wedding, right?

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Jessany Hidalgo: When is she getting married?

Living the Vegan Life: You can still elope… lol..

xPinkCupcakex: So true!!!!! I picked out my dress today, and I was so excited in the store. Literally on the ride home I was googling dresses, and started having a panic attack that I picked the wrong one. Always go with your first instinct 🙂

Hey Jamie: Damn my camera skillz doe

Nikki D’s (Nikki D’s): Ok… first off, soooo GORGEOUS 🙀💍… But Nikki, daaahling, maybe it’s cuz you’re in bougie ass Cali. But I bought my wedding dress for around $400. Because I went into my wedding planning w the idea it’s not the wedding or the dress that matter. It’s the marriage (I should note, I’m now divorced becuz my ex is a prick. A HUUUUGE one. Plus to him the wedding was just a way to show off🙄). I went to David’s bridal. I know, generic af, but there it is. And it’s not like I had a cheap wedding. After all was said and done. We spent around $80 grand. And that didn’t include our honeymoon. Soooo yeah.. I’ll say again. WHERE THE F***K🙊 YOU BUYING A WEDDING DRESS FROM? Lol.. Congrats you too, u guys are adorable. I’m not gonna say ur

Purrs ASMR: That dress shop sucks. They made my friend cry in her dressing room 🙁

Hamsa: KEEP THE WEDDING VIDEOS COMING!!!!! So funny & I know you just wanna do a good job 😉 Best wishes to you & Steve!! 💕

selanfene: I bought my wedding dress from the Chinese internet for $200 and it was perfect. A thousand dollars for a dress I’m gonna wear once? FORGET IT!

guinan_graphics: I was fortunate enough to use my mom’s wedding dress. The lady I brought it to had to do some real minor adjustments to make it work (I’m a lot bustier than my mom). And cleaning it only cost $50 since it is a real simple dress. I came in right at my $200 budget. I stepped into one boutique store and realized a. this is not the store for me and b. I couldn’t even manage a white bridesmaid dress with the budget I had. Boutiques are stupid expensive. And the bigger more ‘box bridal stores’ harass you. Wedding planning is a huge pain in the ass

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Alexis Rose: why shop there after they lied to you?… like you show up and you literally had no dresses in your budget? she lied to you over the phone, i would’ve easily found another store haha.

hartrose33: i feel the same way you do about the dress. I got mine from the romas catalog for 50.00 it was winter white two piece dress. Everyone said the dress shows the way you marriage will work out, the more grand it is the longer the marriage well be. and i joked about how i knew that is not true because have you seen Princess Di’s wedding dress and we all know how that marriage worked out. But I know for sure because we just had your 25 wedding ann, Wedding can be so amazing please have fun because in the long run it is a happy day that you guys have you become one. I hope you get less stress has the day gets closer.

Melissa Garcia: just wanted to say I spent five hundred for my wedding and we still going thirty years today

Medinasaur422: I’m getting my wedding dress customized, I already have everything I want drawn up and I have fabrics picked out… now all I need is to stop being single so my amazing plans can actually be put to use

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