Wedding dress upkeep – dry cleaners albuquerque

Wedding dress upkeep - dry cleaners albuquerque

Star Vibrant Cleaners could keep your gown searching its best despite the large day…

Star Vibrant Cleaners has 27 experience restoring and preserving wedding dresses along with other heirloom products.  With the different cleaning options we’ve available, we could handle almost all cleaning needs the wedding gown might have.  Furthermore, we’re proud to provide hands cleaning in case your gown requires it.

Since you should seem like a princess throughout again…

We choose to accept wedding dresses by appointment.  Throughout the initial meeting, our upkeep specialist will inspect your gown along with you for tears, snags, spots and soiled areas, and then any ornamentation requiring additional care.  Photos is going to be taken along with a pre-cleaning interview is carried out.  This allows us to look for the best span of handling for fully restoring and preserving the most crucial outfit of the existence.  Following the inspection and interview, we can supply you with a quote for that upkeep work.

Following a restoration and upkeep process, each new bride is going to be asked to see the gown just before packaging.  Photos is going to be taken at the moment for that bride’s records.  We simply make use of the greatest quality acidity-free tissue paper and muslin to package your gown for storage within an archival quality package.  Each gown includes a set of mitts to be used within the situation you have to handle your gown later on.  Finally, within about 4- 6 days, your completed gown is going to be fully restored and preserved and prepared for get.

Because other special days have to be remembered…

Additionally to wedding dress upkeep, we offer upkeep and restoration for just about any heirloom outfit including baptism outfits, Quiceanera dresses, military uniforms, quilts, or other special outfit you need to have preserved and stored.  Prices and cleaning is going to be handled based on the age and condition from the outfit.

Star Vibrant Cleaners could keep your gown searching its best despite the large day…

Whenever you give Star Vibrant Cleaners the chance to look after your most special gown, you are able to be assured that we’ll go ahead and take utmost care in fully restoring your gown, and packaging it in order that it will stay the household heirloom you treasure most.  Your gown is going to be:

Handled whatsoever occasions with museum mitts

Inspected to find out its condition, which is fully documented

Repaired if needed

Cleaned based on the requirements of the fabrics and ornamentation

Cleaned for place and stain removal

Individually cleaned

Hands pressed

Presented for the review just before packaging

Full of acidity-free tissue paper and muslin

Packaged and guaranteed in display box

Inspected for just about any metal products which is individually wrapped and packaged to make sure minimal harm to the fabrics

Given to you within 4 – 6 days for safe keeping together with photos taken following the restoration process is finished

After receipt of the packaged gown, we advise you keep package inside a dry awesome place.  We urge you to definitely store headpieces, veils, footwear, along with other accessories individually out of your gown to prevent damage.

On your wedding event, you felt just like a princess.  Hopefully to deal with you, as well as your gown, like royalty once again.


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mark fontaine: your   not   supposed to leave the loading door of the machine open  for any length of  time u  know that dont u  ??? if  so  WHY !!

mark fontaine: intrested  to know was that  run  through the  machine first load or mid afternoon??

nidumite: I’d wear polythene gloves when scubbing down otherwise your hands will be red raw with PTB. Just an observation. Nice video.

mark fontaine: p.t.b is fantastic at pre spotting grease and id recomend it on heavy items though cleaning a wedding dress id drop the filter first and run the dress first load when the machine and solvent are cold to avoid any further damage

DryCleaningOhio: I never knew how to dry clean a wedding dress. Thanks for posting.

mark fontaine: if u can get it prenett pur( from alex-rid) is excellent on silks. diluted with a little bit of perc then tampered on before cleaning

mark fontaine: the pre spotting mix was some dry-cleaning soap (prob from alex-reid) mixed with some perc for grease id use p.t.b then a 2 bath cycle both from tank2 ( distilled solvent) with a rinse and low temp drying

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