Wedding dress upkeep

Preserving Recollections

Wedding gowns represent a substantial financial commitment, and lots of brides as well as their families wish to store and safeguard their gowns for generations to come. We know the significance of upkeep and restoration much better than most. We’re the only real local person in the Assoication of Wedding Dress Specilaist in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. We don’t send your gown to a professional in another condition. We are the specialist!

Why brides want their gown preserved?

  1. For his or her daughter to possibly put on later on.
  2. To show at wedding anniversaries like a 50th.
  3. To re-sell it.

We are able to safeguard and preserve your gown for the following generation of brides. Let Nu-Yale Cleaners help preserve the wedding gown as well as your recollections.

Preparation and Upkeep

Our professional upkeep and restoration process includes elimination of a number of stains for example soda, wine, cake, and food. Traditional dry cleaning methods cannot dissolve sugar also it caramelizes during a period of time, turning out to be unattractive brown stains. Salt from perspiration stains also remains and has a tendency to deteriorate fabric. Nu-Yale Cleaners utilizes a special formula to dissolve sugar and supply an anti-oxidation treatment. Other body oils and cosmetics are removed at the moment too.

woman wearing a wedding gown

Only if clothing is totally cleaned will the final procedure for upkeep occur. Nu-Yale Cleaners are able to place your gown inside a superior quality box by having an acidity-free window for viewing. This box was created so that your gown won’t shift when kept in any position. Available too is really a Tyvek outfit bag made to hang inside a closet.

Consider Preserving….First Breaking of the bread Dresses, Military Uniforms, Promenade Gown, Sports Uniforms, Baby Blankets, School Play Costumes, Hand crafted Quilts, Cheerleader Uniforms, Needlepoint, etc.

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100% International Guarantee certificate 100% Worldwide Guarantee against carmelized sugar stains or yellowing of gown. Back by all of the people from the AWGS wherever you reside.


Adrienne's Wedding Dress Fitting!


KoolKid8987: I must say I wasn’t happy about her marrying that guy but man she looks so happy. I hope they last

Esther Grace: Jeannie, please know that Loni and Tamera are natural criers! They cry in a heartbeat! Don’t feel the pressure to cry, ok! We know you care just as much as them so don’t force it!

SMAnthonyW: wow monica was asked to do that toast out of nowhere and she slayed. great toast tbh

Brit Lee: Adrienne has done no harm to anyone, she’s such a resilient woman and she deserves this! congratulations A!

Jeff F: Monica better come through with that speech yaaaas girl.

Eve Yitu: Monica’s speech made me cry. Sometimes a stranger can say things without even realizing how much it means to you. So happy that Adrienne is finally happy in her love life.

alina love: Wow Adrianne looks amazing!! I need that diet in my life

TamiB_: Monica that was a bomb toast. So REAL

Lili Ry: Omg I never realize how much weight Adrian has lost…

Random things: Adrienne: My boobs look really big, how are we going to make them not so big

Babe’s BeautyMark: AMEN TO MONICA’S TOAST!!!!!! Good God!!!! Can you come speak at wedding whenever I get married lol!!!!  …. now where are those dang on tissues!!!!

Mandy S: Even though it got annoying hearing about Adrienne’s wedding, I can’t deny the fact she looks so happy. I really wish her the best, she looks beautiful!

Laura Rizik: am i the only one who thinks adrienne is soooo desperate to get married? she kept talking about wanting a family and not putting up with cheating yet she marries a 40 something year old divorced cheater? like reallllyyy

h Bag: Monica’s husband is constantly cheating on her too. God help all of them.

jessykonko 1: Jeannie’s reaction when Tamera asked Adrienne to wear shorter lashes on her wedding day ahahha

Bertha Lovejoy: LOL @ when lonnie started crying and jeannie’s fake crying

Abuk Akol: she seems so happy, may God bless her marriage.

T.E. V.: This is so beautiful. It’s every girls dream to marry a husky man with 6 kids and fidelity problems.

msjuicy: That place she got married in is so extravagant, I’m excited to see how their house will look, where will they live lol so many questions. ��

shinah miyoh: My boobs looks really big.. how are we gonna make em not so big… Jeannie.. We gonna tape em down part kills me… ������������������������������������as I die..

Serenity the Poet: CAN WE KEEP MONICA! That was a beautiful/Intelligent toast and I feel she has the essence to fit with this panel and she is real too.

Laina Wells: It just scares me when people are engaged and in relationships every 5 mins. �� idk how to feel. I hope God ordained this.

Diva Dinnett: Monica slayed and served that prayer…I mean toast! Best she feel like A is her kindred sister.

thiagobailon: I love their friendship so much!! It’s refreshing seeing women being so genuinely kind to each other on TV ��

Melissa Nicaisse: having mix emotions about.. I’m happy for her and disappointed at the same time. She seems very desperate…smh

Cheri: Do you think I’m rude because in my mind I’m thinking she could do so much better…

Lisa Conrad: She lost so much weight wow

Abigial Rosser: I feel so bad for Tamar! I know I’d be crushed if all my friends were going to our friends wedding and I wasn’t invited�� so sad what happened but…everything happens for a reason.

Mariamyupperz: OMG Monica can make a TOAST!!


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