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Wedding Dress Care

Initially Class Cleaners, our mission is “Empowering People, Simplifying Lives, Making Recollections.”  Your wedding dress is among your most precious possessions since it provides the recollections of the important event inside your existence.  Whether you’re borrowing it from the relative or purchasing it new, your gown deserves professional attention and additional care. We offer probably the most detail-oriented, expert gown-cleaning and upkeep service available. Our cleaning experts have decades of expertise and be sure your wedding gown stays perfect before, during, &amp after the wedding.

Before the wedding, let our experienced seamstresses handle the intricacies of the wedding dresses. You can rely on our specialist to make sure your dress suits you perfect.

Our seamstresses have experience coping with wedding dresses. We provide a range of alteration services that vary from minor adjustments and hems, to major alterations for example removing sleeves and redesigning gowns.

Before the wedding, trust our bridal team to help keep both you and your wedding party searching perfect at the most memorable event. We are able to steam and press clothes for those people from the wedding party to make certain everybody is picture ideal for your special day. We provide last second stain removal, repairs, or wrinkle edit to ensure that you feel and look exquisite.

After the wedding we neat and preserve your gown with meticulous focus on its design. The important thing to superbly cleaning and looking after your gown would be to begin the procedure as quickly as possible. Stains won’t have time for you to set and/or oxidize, that make it a lot more hard to achieve complete stain removal.

• Inspection: Each gown is inspected for broken threads or loose beading. Then we put them through a number of black-light tests to identify probably the most obscure stains and blemishes.

• Hands Cleaning: We hands-treat and clean each gown individually. We take every precaution to safeguard the fragile beads, embroidery, and lace throughout the cleaning process.

• Upkeep: Pressed and packaged carefully, your gown remains safe and secure and prepared for generations to come. Each gown is packaged with acidity free paper and sealed inside a museum-quality archival chest.

• Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment: Together with our detailed hands cleaning process, your gown undergoes our anti-sugar stain treatment. Spills that contains sugar, salt and acidity frequently dry obvious and can’t be viewed. These hidden stains don’t dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and switch an unpleasant brown with time. Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Bride’s magazines, helps to ensure that all sugar, salt, and acidity – seen or unseen – is taken away.

• 100 Year Guarantee: All wedding dresses are cleaned professionally and preserved by our certified specialists. In unusual instances, an outfit will yellow during a period of time. Within the unlikely event this happens, we’re pleased to reprocess clothing at no cost. Don’t let be not able to get rid of the yellow, our bride’s upkeep cost is going to be refunded. Beads and sequins are excluded. Improper handling from the gown could cause damage and compromise the real upkeep from the gown.


Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Gown with Diamond Bridal Gallery

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