Wash n fold

Wash n fold

Hate doing laundry?  Let us get it done for you personally!

At Quik Wash Laundry, we learn how busy our customers could possibly get using their everyday lives.  So why waste an mid-day washing, drying and folding your clothes when there’s someone else that may get it done for you personally?

Our premium wash n’ fold service enables you to do your laundry in just 4 minutes:  2 to decrease them back and a pair of to get it.  We weigh your clothes dry and type them based on whites and colours.  Whites are washed hot (bleach added per customer request), colors are washed cold.  Bedding is washed individually from clothing.  Items are sorted and dried in the appropriate temperature, then folded with precision.  Shirts they fit on wardrobe hangers at no extra charge and things are covered with plastic to guarantee the freshest and cleanest recent results for the client.  Laundry is definitely done per the customer’s instructions.

You supply the clothes…

  • We offer the detergent
  • We offer the dryer sheets
  • We offer the wardrobe hangers
  • We offer our service having a smile.

Orders delivered before 10:00 a.m. are guaranteed 24 Hour SERVICE.  All other orders are prepared in 24 hrs.  Our services can be found seven days a week.

Only $1.10 per pound (10 pound minimum)

Wash n’ Leave

Choose to wash your personal clothes, but don’t have enough time to dry and fold them?  You need our Wash n’ Leave service.  Load and begin the washers and we’ll dry, sort and fold your clothes when they’re done. We still supply the dryer sheets and also the wardrobe hangers, so that as always, our premium service.

Only $.80 cents per pound (10 pound minimum)

Commercial Delivery Service

Do you have a company with laundry needs but don’t have enough time to get it done any longer? Let’s assist you to! Quik Wash Laundry serves companies throughout Austin, supplying excellent service, on-time deliveries and fresh results.

We provide:

  • 48 hour turnaround
  • Regular scheduled pickups and deliveries
  • Pay-per-use OR billed monthly
  • Priced per pound, volume discounts available
  • Hurry services available
  • NO contracts

A few of the companies we serve include Fitness Gyms  •  Salons  •  Medical Offices  •  Spa and Therapeutic Massage  •  Chiropractors  •  Restaurants  •  Hotels  •  Country Clubs  •  Assisted Living Facilities  •  and a lot more.

Please make use of the contact page below for those who have questions regarding our services and prices and can include an account of the small business within the comments section. We’ll respond within two hrs of the request.

Resourse: http://quikwashlaundry.com/wash-n-fold/

J. Cole – Foldin Clothes


Marcos: bumpin this at my laundromat

BigChief6191: makes a nigga wanna fold clothes for her

danieldvs100: this Nigga be truly making a smash off his everyday life activities. that’s not crazy?

Jack Morrison: don’t get the hate on this album or this dude

Michael Jung: Who the fuck is Mark? I’m here because of J Cole.

cant go wrong bein urself: I feel like every nig. has felt like this about that special 1… but never knew the words to express it… love

Pussy Boy: The ending is crazy af, legit my fav part of the song.

Isaiah Garcia: fuck j. Cole a killer with the music this whole album touch the soul, this jam makes me think a lot about a woman I should of never took for granted…. iwanna fold clothes for yahh lol… only woman I’ll ever love

Alex Spellman: cole don’t care what ppl think of his music. he doesn’t make it for is, he makes it to sooth his soul


t bbb: Reppin cole from Australia, love this album

THE G.O.A.T: ������ I can’t believe niggas don’t fold clothes for or with they girl who’s washing their dirty ass shit stained draws ��������

CC Sofia: Repping Coleworld from Eastern Europe Bulgaria!!

Miah Padilla (Mimi): LYRICS –

Steel Goodwin17_NYC: Who Else Sees This On The Radio Soon ? ����

Tomioka Hughes: it’s the simple things!!!!

ladyinmauve: my absolute favorite song on this album!!!! ��������������

WinWin’s Non-Existent Lines: who else came here becuz of mark

Thu Hiền: came here because of Mark’s recommendation on IG :3

Cal Port: your music really got me in to rap and now i cant stop listening! this album is amazing and even my mom really likes this song hahaha

Young Savage: Almond milk??��������

Rachel Feliciano: he’s so fucking AMAZING!!! REAL TALK !!! FIND A GUY WHO WANTS TO FOLD CLOTHES FOR YA !! ❤❤❤❤⚘

Jake Bohan: This already the hottest track of 2017.

Eelangelo: some stupid nerd who think that he knows to much about hip hop tried to diss this classic track, I mean just like I said, he was a stupid nerd. # dnt take it personal

bri layaa: omgggggg i can’t pick which song i love best ����

Austin Cowden: I’m here because mark recommended it to me

Ryan Roberts: Put this on film. Show cats what is supposed to be like.

barry allen: i Wanna FOLD clothes for you �� i wanna make you feel good �� !!

Elena Vidal: Please keep making beats like this…the music of our ancestors old and new…sway me back to loving real music…rock me to believe its still possible to be real…real for you….real for me…real for life. This is music for the mind, body and soul…Elena

Beata Berķe: A man who folds clothes ��

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