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Probably the most reliable name in rug cleaning.

Trust is made on quality, honesty and reliability. Teasdale Fenton is renowned for the 3. Search for the Clean Trust emblem on the cards. It certifies that people satisfy the greatest standards of client satisfaction, good business practices and technical know-how. So, once the uniformed Teasdale-Fenton specialist gets to you, you&rsquoll know you&rsquore in good hands.

Teasdale Fenton is in your area managed, and licensed with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We make use of the innovative cleaning methods available, giving us the opportunity to spread greater savings for you, while exceeding expectations on every visit. Our technicians are employees, NOT contractors, so that they are trained and correctly marked with Teasdale Fenton Rug Cleaning and Restoration vehicles and uniforms.

Your specialist realizes that every carpet differs, therefore the perfect solution will be relevant to your specific carpet problems. Your specialist may also go for a walk-finished you to definitely find out the parts of your house or business you&rsquod like cleaned, in which the high-traffic areas are and other things you’ll need us to understand.

Low-moisture/Dry Cleaning (Encapsulation Technology)

Encapsulation is an ideal option for customers in high-traffic or large commercial settings with the necessity to clean their carpeted surfaces within an on-going manner. We emulsify all of the oil and physical contaminates in your carpeting, surround each molecule by having an acrylic-polymer barrier that stops it from reattaching itself towards the fibers while drawing it towards the surface using controlled evaporation.

Many allergy sufferers prefer low-moisture rug cleaning, since it reduces chemical irritants and greatly inhibits allergen growth. Low-moisture cleaning works well at removing soil in the tops of fibers to create beautiful results.

Other advantages of low-moisture rug cleaning include decreased water waste and faster drying time. Low-moisture cleaning can also be considered a &ldquogreener&rdquo option, as less contaminated water waste remains behind.


Pet stain and odor removal by a professional carpet cleaner

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