Rug cleaning – kiwi services

Rug cleaning – kiwi services

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning


With each and every rug cleaning of $120 or even more, enjoy twelve months of limitless $7 an area return warranty cleanings.

100% Clean

Greater than a promise, it’s a typical, 100% clean carpets. If you’re unhappy, give us a call within thirty days and we’ll re-clean them at no additional charge for you.

Super Offer

Carpet Cleaning Offer

Rug Cleaning Method

Carpet Cleaning StairsWith busy families, kids and pets, it’s impossible to maintain your carpets clean year-round. That’s where Kiwi is available in. At Kiwi rug cleaning, we safeguard an investment you’ve made in your house. Our full-service cleaning process removes stains leaving your carpets searching nice and clean. So when spent $120 or even more in your initial cleaning, you’ll get our incredible Kiwi Lover One-Year Rug Cleaning Warranty including limitless cleanings at $7 per room, along with a small trip charge. Whether you’ve have stains or spills or you’re hosting buddies and family at your house ., your carpets can invariably look freshly cleaned because of your Kiwi warranty.

Additionally to keeping our customers carpets clean, we have them safe. Kiwi Services utilizes a eco-friendly cleaning solution that’s non-allergenic and Food and drug administration-certified. It’s safe for pets, for children but for the atmosphere. On top of that, it features a fresh citrus scent and dries in only fifteen minutes.

Rug cleaning that leaves no sogginess or mildew

Your carpets is going to be misted with this special pH balanced cleaner, adopted with a cleaning having a super absorbent bonnet that transfers dirt, departing a fluffy freshness you can observe!

Carpeting cleaning that dries in only fifteen minutes!

When you purchase Kiwi for the rug cleaning needs, you’ll no more need to tiptoe around saturated floors. Having a Kiwi carpet cleaners, even heavily-soiled areas with special care dry within 15 to forty-five minutes.

Rug Cleaning professionals

Kiwi rug cleaning technicians are been trained in all phases of rug cleaning, fiber identification, soil analysis, and fabric care. Our technicians always employ our “green”carpet cleaner that’s so light that many visitors can’t smell you had a cleaning.

All rug cleaning stains are incorporated with this service

All surface stains are pretreated included in Kiwi’s general cleaning process to guarantee the greatest professional standard of excellence in cleaning performance.

Just pay attention to what our clients are saying:

“He was the very best cleaner yet. Certainly want him to return. He am professional, careful and did the very best cleaning job up to now.” — Lynne J. from Colorado

Rug Cleaning Services – 6 Steps

Carpet Cleaning Steps

  1. Walkthrough: First, our rug cleaning professional will walk-through areas that should be cleaned, identifying any difficulty areas for example heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or broken carpet looking for repair. Your specialist will talk to you about these areas and what you can do to fix these problems.
  2. Move Furniture: We’ll move light moveable furniture prior to starting the cleaning process. Please be aware, we follow industry safety standards when furniture moving is supplied. All furnishings are moved except for heavy, breakable products including china cabinets, pianos, bookcases filled with books, beds, large platforms, dressers or any electronics including TV’s, VCR’s, stereos or computers.
  3. Vacuum: Utilizing a professional grade vacuum, we’ll vacuum outdoors areas, not included in furniture, to get rid of because the loose soiling as you possibly can.
  4. Pre-place: Using our Kiwi Super Spotter, we pretreat all surface stains before we start cleaning to guarantee the best possibility of removing stains and traffic soiling. When the rug cleaning specialist finds something that needs a more extensive approach to removal, they will show you and consult with the process that is required. Ex: For those who have a sizable ink stain that will worsen having a standard cleaning.
  5. Rug Cleaning: We’ll use our eco-friendly rug cleaning method, applying an easy mist over the surface. Then we use our 100% cotton bonnets and rotary carpet cleaner to lightly extract the soil in the fibers. This method is called emulsification. The soil is held in the cleaning solution and absorbed by our super absorbent bonnets.
  6. Grooming: We make use of a professional carpet rake to groom carpeting fibers, raising carpeting pile, getting back the new, fluffy look.

Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Each rug cleaning visit is supported by our 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee. We guarantee to wash your carpets for your complete satisfaction, or we’ll return and re-clean your carpets free of charge. Call us within thirty days of the cleaning, if you’re not satisfied.

Carpet Cleaning Company With One Year of clean carpet

The Kiwi Lover One-Year Rug cleaning Warranty

You could have us to clean as numerous occasions as you would like just a small fraction of the price by using our rug cleaning warranty. Our Kiwi Lover One-Year Rug Cleaning Warranty is the greatest deal around, because it’s free when purchasing a preliminary rug cleaning! Discover ways you can get your rug cleaning warranty today.

Extra Stain Removers

There’s a couple of kinds of carpet stains that could need extra, extensive treatments like heat transfer methods. These stains include: Red stains, wax stains, dye stains from products that may include but aren’t restricted to: ink, nailpolish, hair dye and paint. When carpet repairs are essential, you will find three scenarios that signify to all of us that the carpet repair might be necessary:

1. Bleach stains, because these are irreversible without re-dying processes.

2. Stains that return after a highly effective rug cleaning. This kind of stain is recognized as a “re-appearing stain” since it signifies the stain resides within the carpet padding and it is resurfacing.

3. Odor removal, as pet odors generally affect the 3 layers – carpet, padding, and sub floor- requiring various treatment options.

Rug cleaning – kiwi services src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/7/rug-cleaning-kiwi-services_5_1.jpg” alt=”carpet Cleaning Expert” width=”246″ height=”426″ />When some stains or pet odors reappear

We provide an incredible Pet stain and Odor Removal Plan that enables us to use your incurred costs of surface cleaning (phase one), toward the phase two and/or phase three cleaning process, where we treat the actual padding and sub floor.

And, should you ever have trouble with your merchandise, give us a call immediately! We hate with an unsatisfied customer and we’ll try everything we are able to to fix the issue making it right.

Our 30-Day Rug Cleaning Guarantee and Kiwi Lover One-Year Rug Cleaning Warranty is provided during these metro metropolitan areas:

carpet cleaners centers

Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado

Dallas, Texas: 972-354-0033

Houston, Texas: 713-595-0417

Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3579

Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9786

Austin, Texas: 512-381-3408

Fort Worth, Texas: 817-585-5957

Denver, CO: 720-943-2877


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