Rug cleaning

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crystal carpet cleaning john surdi bellevue seattle waVery Rug Cleaning has generated its status on thoroughness and reliability focusing on:

  • Using proven steam rug cleaning methods
  • Pretesting and steam or dry cleaning upholstery
  • Hands cleaning of leather objects
  • Stain removal
  • In-plant oriental carpet cleaning service
  • Ton and fire damage restoration
  • Water damage
  • Proper odor problem analysis and removal
  • Mold spores treatment
  • Condition-of-art structure drying and dehumidification equipment
  • Emergency response

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Oriental Rug Cleaning


xXaspie62Xx: You must have an insane water bill

the real Andrew Harvey: it’s blood and you just clean the murder up

JD Bassi: For some reason this guy reminded me of trump… He said he was gonna test one spot to make sure it didnt happen, and then it still happened, and then he tried to fix it, but that failed and it got worse, and then he had an excuse for it and made it seem like it was ok. ��

Alicia Johnson: this was very satisfying.

Maloy7800: And the worst of it all is how dry the carpets. Carpets should ONLY be dried hanging. FACEPALM. Seriously, man, are you still in business?

Alexandru Harabagiu: I’ve seen bullshit in my life … but the amount presented here is an insult to anyone’s intelligence, calling 4X video acceleration 10x will never work.

Alex Jaramillo: I would of got the water hose and scrub brush and some soap it would of came out the same they probably charge what the carpets worth

Sa’Ria Yarborough: when he was watering the rug

VampSlayerVictoria: I love how the guy talking about how light the rug was, was holding onto the middle of it. Clearly not the lightest bright on the porch. The other two workers, especially the tattooed one, did one hell of a good job.

Armed American We The People: my family has been in the carpet and rug cleaning business for over 70 years and we were cleaning rugs before carpet was made and I also got ripped off by rug tech and we should all file a class action lawsuit suit against this crooked pollock..but I say job well done you did a great job .you did use a little much chemical in my opinion but all and all job well done

Armed American We The People: I see you got ripped off by rug tech Martin Lapinski builds faulty machines and then doesn’t honnor their warranty if you take a rug beater strap off your rug duster when you go to change it and glue it to the side of the door that Martin tells you not to tighten down too much it will make your machine run a hell of a lot smoother I know I bought one from him and I’ve had nothing but issues with it $35,000 down the drain as far as I’m concerned should have went with Centrum Force

D Wilson: Wow I would never bring my carpets to you… this video does no justice for your company! It looks like moe, Larry, and curly try to run a rug cleaning business.

Armed American We The People: one last thing the rinse port your using isn’t sufficient without adding a twist open to adjust garden nozle on the inside of your door is cool because you can adjust the stream of water according to the size of the rug and it works very well because the way Martin brings it to you will only rinses the first foot of the rug…and also once you remove the rug and right before you groom it spray it lightly with acid rinse and conditioner and then groom so it will be silky soft to the touch

Snudder. s.m.l.: the sound is bad.

sawjar sawicki: you don’t do any dry treatments look else wear on YouTube way better ways of cleans out there. beat the rug dry with a look it up it just gently rolls over it before you start your speal

Willow Johnson: I thought for sure you would of hung the rugs to dry.

susanht67: I’m guessing he’s in Texas . He can just hang the rug outside for 5 min and it will be bone dry. Lol

Monkeh Bunnes: Hahaha this person’s going to get a pink rug back. Disgraceful.

Dawn Northrop: If this video had been 3 hours long, I would have watched every minute of it!! Thanks guys!

DiDi: It’s good that they actually test the dye in the rug before washing it. I watched rug cleaning video yesterday, and after they cleaned it, the colour was all washed out.

nonstop: The centrifuge is only rinsing the part of the rug closest to the water inlet. The water doesn’t spread all the way down the tube, it just gets extracted away at the front. What they should do is stop the centrifuge, open it up and resoak the whole rug with clean water, then run the centrifuge again.

B B: Safety tip: Put the cord over your shoulder!

PRO Carpet Cleaning: Good work

Michael Dempsey: nice!!

Dave Canoy: really different system for cleaning orientals.

Lukannio: They dont show how water is still dirty under spin…. shit job

Christina Jenkins: I just use a pressure washer a car wash brush that suds up with carpet cleaner, then suck all water out with my wet dry vac and hang over my fence to dry. My rug is way bigger then that one so its a job.