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With regards to rugs, don&rsquot accept anything under an expert carpet cleaning service. Sure, it might be tempting to tackle the issue yourself, however that plan could backfire. Why? Because rugs need a gentle but effective method of cleaning. Stanley Steemer is really a professional rug cleaner with trained technicians who understand how to handle the fragile fibers inside your rug.

Regrettably, so many people make an effort to clean their very own rugs. Do-it-yourselfers frequently damage their rugs either simply because they scrub way too hard or simply because they make use of the wrong cleaning solutions and utensils. Your neighborhood rugs tend to be too special—and frequently too costly—to take that risk.

Allow the experts

At Stanley Steemer, we all know that each rug cleaning scenario is different. That&rsquos why we first conduct an intensive analysis of the rugs, noting any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas that could need special attention. You want to pick which cleaning solution is the best for your unique carpet, after which blend it with our condition-of-the-art equipment to attain optimum results. We make use of the same hot-water extraction method on rugs that people experience all rug cleaning services. It&rsquos gentle, but impressive, and it’ll renew the good thing about your neighborhood rugs.

From costly heirlooms to everyday dirt blockers, the professional rug cleaners at Stanley Steemer understand what&rsquos perfect for your neighborhood rugs. We manufacture the gear. We train the folks. So we deliver exceptional, on-time service you can rely on. After 7 decades within the rug cleaning business, there&rsquos pointless to risk your neighborhood carpet cleaning service with other people. And also you certainly don&rsquot wish to attempt this highly specialized task yourself.

On top of that, we&rsquoll undertake the job when you relax. Just leave behind spots, spills and ground-in dirt. Whenever your professional carpet cleaning service is finished, your neighborhood rugs may be like new.

An innovative means of cleaning your fine rugs

Stanley Steemer is presenting a condition-of-the-art rug cleaning process for the fine rugs. These special machines are just obtainable in many places. For more information, click the link.



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Jamie Garrison: Throw A glide on that wand!!! Your back will thank you and your dry times will be cut by a ton!

Jacob Alvarado: Thanks Arturo appreciate the advice. Yeah the supply place I go to TSI doesn’t sale any janitorial supplies but your absolutely right about the fillers. I’m getting ready to make some more videos and I’ll make sure to keep it simple.

Jacob Alvarado: Prochem 100A

Jacob Alvarado: No I don’t use a blue pad. It’s a blue carpet brush that only covers the rim of the bonnet pad driver. The middle I use a white pad or a red pad for badly soiled carpets. The red pads work amazing on the rough carpets.

Jacob Alvarado: How to/profesional carpet cleaning/ dirty carpets:

Jacob Alvarado: All I care about is getting results that the customer wants. If the carpets are this bad there already damaged. At this point were just getting them visibly clean and taking out the stains that normal steaming doesn’t do.

WuTangNacs: Very good job can I use a bonnet pad instead of a carpet brush please let me know

Adriano Oliveira: Very interesting this your equipment, would be some type of suction pump ….?

Irena nelson: good work

Sunya Clark: Hi, I wanted to know is it safe to use a green pad or red pad to clean my carpet at work verses a bonnet? I have some stains that couldn’t come out, I don’t think a Bonnet will do, lol

Roger Nava: Nice I too do carpet cleaning. Only thing I reconmend is dry strokes and rakeing the carpert for faster dry time. also on your floor machine I reconmend a nylon brisstle brush it will cut your aggitation in half the time. Nice video bro

Jesus Lara: buen trabajo

alex hamilton: Hi, when you are using your wand is your downward stroke the cleaning stroke and the upward stroke the drying/ sucking up? What’s the best wand technique ?

George Leal: Nice Job dude …Got a question What kind  of chemicals you have to make this job?

Manuel Alcala: kompa is that a steam carpet cleaner oh es hot water extractor?good job by the way bro👍

miguel quintero: gods job it looks very good but isnt it easier if u use a rotary machine it will save u time and less effort on ur back.

Eduardo silva: great job Jacob that was in pretty bad shape you sure made it look a lot better a few strokes in a different angle can help a lot saludos desde cali from a certified carpet and upholstery cleaner

Darren Jackson: It looks so easy

Darren Jackson: I want to do carpet cleaning when I graduate from high school

Real Steemer: GOOD STUFF BRO

Ephraim Contreras: Great work brotha, i too own and use a Prochem Talon 100A. The 18hp motor went bad so i replaced it with an upgraded Kohler 24hp engine. Only thing is i operate out of a Astro Van so my space can be limited etc…

Ahmed Khalaf: Hi John , Whats the name of the carpet machine u are using ?

Jacob Alvarado: Yeah no problem the truckmount is an old model but it’s a great make. It’s a prochem 100a oil burner. Great heat and now I have 2 of them they both work great and I haven’t had any issues with them.

Ahmed Khalaf: Great Job , I own a carpet cleaning company and right nw we are looking to buy the latest equipment for carpet cleaning since our machines are at lest 12 Years old . Would u mind to let me know what is the name of the machine u used at

Arturo Ortiz Jr: Well, I just watched your video.

25carlosportillo: Good video. I haven’t cleaned carpets in a few years but I’m gonna get a van soon. It’s good to see someone who takes pride in their work. You got some equipment I ain’t never seen. Good stuff.

thomas negrette: scrubbing carpet is bad. the carpet loses its resilience … wouldnt take a brush someones hair thats braided right..?

Jcarlos Lopez: u used a blue pad to scrub the carpet? doesnot damage the fibers, i only use a brush

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