Nontoxic rug cleaning in raleigh nc zerorez eco-friendly no chemicals

Nontoxic rug cleaning in raleigh nc zerorez eco-friendly no chemicals

Zerorez® is very happy to offer its condition-of-the-art, revolutionary and patented rug cleaning system. This excellent rug cleaning system produces superior results, which makes it a great option for soiled carpets.

Traditional steam rug cleaning injects chemicals, soaps, and detergent combined with unheated water to your carpet. This soaks your carpets, pads and backing. Afterward, a great deal of the mix resides inside your carpet. Carpet become laced with detergent, compelling dirt along with other substances to stay. These common practices don’t satisfy the requirements you may have been on mind.

The Zerorez® rug cleaning system doesn’t use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos to wash. Rather, it utilizes a revolutionary, non-toxic, and water-based rug cleaning agent known as “Empowered Water™”,which cleans much better than soap without departing a sticky chemical residue behind.

Empowered Wateris used for your carpet with a patented high-pressure, controlled spray system that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our effective and patented extraction wand. Your carpet is clean with no residue. Dry time is dramatically reduced because we don’t ton your carpets with water, unlike other carpet cleaning. Our extraction wand combines the joint qualities of fluid mechanics and pressure dynamics. Which means that we clean lower to the foot of your carpets fibers—removing embedded dirt, soils, dried soaps, along with other debris.

An execllent advantage of the Zerorez® rug cleaning product is that spots tend to be less inclined to reappear. Reappearing spots are frequently caused by wicking action from the rear of carpeting towards the tips from the carpet fiber because the carpet dries. We eliminate this and de-lamination (brought on by conventional warm water extraction cleaning methods) because we don’t penetrate the main backing.

There’s nobody that cleans carpets like us. If you would like the very best and greatest quality rug cleaning for your house or office, derive our patented rug cleaning process.

Zerorez® includes a Platinum Rating from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) the industry’s greatest rating! Remember—no residue means cleaner longer!

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