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Our company specializes in wedding dress alterations we measure, trim, and stitch your gown which means you look your very best in your special day. Martinizing uses museum quality archival techniques and methods when restoring and looking after your wedding dress. Our wedding dress upkeep packaging is unlike any other gown upkeep service within the Milwaukee &amp Waukesha area. Your dress undergoes a wedding dress restoration and upkeep process prior to it being put into its archival chamber. These processes include gentle solvent baths, gentle tumbling techniques, and detailed hands finishing.

Here are the wedding dress upkeep steps we follow to keep the wonder and integrity of the wedding dress.

  1. Wedding Dress Inspection: Your wedding dress is meticulously inspected for stains. All beads and trimmings are tested for serviceability before the wedding dress restoration and upkeep process.
  2. Preliminary Maintenance: Substitute or reinforcement of beading and trimmings along with other minor wedding dress repairs when needed. Some beading may require extensive covering or reinforcing that could incur yet another charge.
  3. Clean: Your gown is inspected for just about any stains to become removed until you are moved to the cleaning process. Cleaning process vary in line with the material, trim, and kind of stains.
  4. Publish Cleaning: Wedding dress stain removal is finished at this time. A careful inspection for stains and residual matter is conducted.
  5. Wedding Dress Reinforcement: Beading, trimming, ornamentation, are tightened and replaced as needed.
  6. Hands Finishing Services: Special attention is offered towards the designer’s line and drape throughout the pressing tactic to be sure that your wedding gown is pressed perfectly. Beading, trimmings, lace, pearls, sequins, rhinestones, along with other embellishments need a high amount of attention throughout the hands finishing process.
  7. Client Inspection: We talk with you for any final viewing before your wedding dress is positioned in the archival chamber.
  8. Wedding Dress Archival Chamber: The wedding gown is wrapped and guaranteed in acidity free tissue paper, carefully folded, then covered with unbleached muslin and put into a custom acidity free museum quality archival chamber. Then we convey a muslin cover with optional monogrammed within the chamber.
  9. Wedding Dress Storage: It’s suggested you store your preserved wedding dress within the closet of the spare room inside your Milwaukee home. Never store the wedding gown within an attic room, garage or basement where it may be uncovered to elements able to compromising the marriage gown upkeep process. Lay this area flat to avoid shifting during storage.

Wedding gown preservationWedding dress upkeep from Martinizing Milwaukee dry cleaners could keep your wedding gown new for our children and grandchildren. Your kids and grandchildren can visit your wedding gown the actual way it seen your personal day with wedding dress restoration, upkeep, and storage from Martinizing. It will likely be stored such pristine condition they may even decide to put on it themselves at some point!

We take every possible precaution to guarantee the timeless upkeep of the wedding gown, by immediately cleaning the wedding gown, before using our Museum quality archival strategies to store your wedding gown, ensure that is stays new. Your bridal gown is an indication of the love and marriage and deserves the very best treatment. Martinizing dry cleaners would be the unquestioned Milwaukee wedding dress upkeep, restoration, and storage leaders.

To understand more about looking after your wedding gown, contact Martinizing today, and provide your gift lasting your whole lifetime and beyond.


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