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Simpler Than Ever Before!  Now you can order our laundry services on-line.  Just click HERE and there is also a complete report on the laundry service possibilities as well as their connected prices.

Yale Student Laundry (YSL) is among the earliest and many established student agencies. We serve the Yale community by providing laundry services and maintaining the on-campus laundry facilities.

College Laundry Rooms

Yale Student Laundry, dealing with the CSC ServiceWorks, functions because the pivotal contact to clean Yale’s 22 on-campus laundry rooms. CSC ServiceWorks provides all laundry appliances in addition to supplying the constant maintenance and repair from the units.

For service the process of the campus laundry rooms please contact ASA: 203-432-1888 or

Change Point – Make use of your personal debit or charge card (MasterCard, Visa or Uncover) to cover your wash and dry cycles.  Your transaction is safe as information is encrypted and won’t be saved via IdentiShield software.  Have an instant refund if your machine malfunctions and report service problems around the convenient touchscreen.

LaundryView – world wide – Look for machine availability along with other useful tips.


Q: So what can be washed by E&ampR and just what cannot?

A: All products are inspected when received at E&ampR.  There is you don’t need to pre-sort your products.  E&ampR videotapes all products when they’re unpacked, washed, dried, folded and came back for your bag. All brazier, under garments and delicates are processed with the the wash/dry/fold process.  E&ampR doesn’t “hand wash”, “lay flat to dry” or “line dry”.  Please don’t send products that can’t withstand an industrial laundry process.  All sweaters* are dry cleaned and all sorts of fleece products they fit with the gentle care department.  All care labels are read and products are inspected to determine which can feel the wash/dry/fold process versus. what needs gentle care or dry cleaning.*

*If you possess the “Just the Basics” plan, all products requiring gentle care or dry cleaning will incur additional charges.  A charge card is needed to stay in file with E&ampR to process these charges.

Q: When and where can one fall off and pick-up my laundry?

A: You will find three on campus locations to decrease off and pick-up laundry:  Old Campus within the basement of Farnam B the ASA Office, 246 Church St. New Residence Hall, 100 Tower Parkway, bottom floor.  You must fall off your laundry at any location by 10 am M-F to possess your products in two working days. You’ll pick-your laundry after 11 am two working days later in the location selected when subscribing to the service.

Q: Can One cancel the service once i have registered?

A: Yes, for that full academic year service you will have to cancel no after October 15.  You will get a professional-rated refund minus a $69 cancelation charge provided you submit an itemized cancelation ask that is received no later October 15.  Cancelations received next date before The month of january 2 will received refunds for that second semester only without the $69 cancelation charge. There won’t be any refunds issued after The month of january 2.

Q: Exactly what do I actually do basically think I’m missing and item from my laundry bag?

A: You will have to contact the ASA Office, or E&ampR’s Customer Support Office, 1-800-243-7789, Ext. 713 or 714,  Please list the products that you simply feel are missing so when the product was laundered.

Q: Would you offer dry cleaning basically don’t possess the laundry service?

A: No, Yale Student Laundry doesn’t offer dry cleaning services if you don’t possess a laundry plan.

Questions?  Please Contact:

Sr. Manager: Tessa

Sr. Manager: Collum Freedman –

Junior. Manager: Astrid Hengartner –

Junior. Manager: David Glaess –


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