Is my dry cleaner really cleaning my clothes? – racked

Is my dry cleaner really cleaning my clothes? - racked

This can be a crazy person question, however i am convinced you might have either experienced this or learn about it. (There have been no Google results!)

I’m convinced I will a dry cleaner that doesn’t really clean my clothes. They maybe steam them, iron them, however i am CONVINCED they aren’t cleaning them. I have had this fear before at other areas, because I am paranoid, but … could this be genuine?

I simply opened up my dry cleaning and my gut is this fact wasn’t cleaned! I simply required stuff out and it was like &quotWait, this still smells vintage and there is a rogue hair onto it and that i don’t trust this method!&quot

Did you ever hear of the conspiracy such as this or did I simply write the very first act of my sitcom? — Carlye Wisel

This really is certainly not really a crazy person question! The dry cleaner is most likely not pulling a quick one for you, but there’s a reasonably large improvement in how dry cleaning works versus washing a outfit inside a washer. That’s particularly true with regards to odor elimination, so you are essentially asking every one from the right questions. And also you most likely have no idea this about me, however i love love love a conspiracy theory, so you have also delighted me together with your dedication to the concept there’s some kind of dry cleaner cabal that’s banded together to gaslight you via BO-smelling clothes.

What Even Is Dry Cleaning?

Well, it’s virtually just what it seems like, cleaning that’s done without using water.

To place it within the basic form, the dry cleaning process uses solvents inside a drum-type situation that’s like the drum of the washer. In comparison, wet cleaning (that’s a for-real term!) uses water plus detergent to get rid of dirt and odors from clothing.


How to Dry Clean Clothes : Dry Cleaning: Spot Cleaning


hunzukutz: The only issue I do have as a dry cleaner, why are you not wearing gloves and why not using vacuum?

Frank Furger: lol woah, this channel now has 3million subs

Richard Cerio: Hey jkminnich, I am a dry cleaner. I cleaned clothes from 1970 till 2003 when I retired. Nice to see someone still around who really knows dry cleaning. I was licensed by ca. state as a cleaner spotter and had a teaching certificate from ca. to teach dry cleaning. The guy in this video really seams to know what he is doing and is a class act.

Astroadd: How much for that machine ?? What’s the name of it ??

Chayne Michaels: Ya’ll are fuckin unbelievable! Guy is tryin to give you tips to save money and you bash him. Wait! Most names are foreign sorry you don’t of manners fuckin pricks. Btw it’s a company and they on the other hand have policies and regulations so unfortunately for him not to get a hefty fine blood or any human secretions should not go down the drain. Companies have to follow this just as a restaurant needs to have a bottle of bleach under each sink…You on the other hand don’t….

Long Le: notice how hes tryin to avoid the word semen…even though he wants to say it lol

Qumane Bermudez: the steamer over talks him lmao

Jody: Perspiration and blood can’t go down the drain? I guess everyone who washes clothes at home is breaking the law.

123qwerty: sweat = toxic waste?

better not shower again lol

rcb3000: i thought it was guna be something simple lol

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billybobpeach: WTF blood?

Bkim: Pretty good for a short video. I wish he talked about watching the distance of the steam gun depending on the type of fabric. Too close on a knit sweater will stretch the knit out. Also, he should have mentioned that you dry the steam from the outside in—-The steam will be a circle and you use the air to dry from the outer edges to the inside to eliminate a water stain afterwards. \r
3 years of working at a Dry Cleaners plant.

mig189189189: Great video!

jkminnich: I am a third generation drycleaner as well as a graduate of International Fabricare Institute and I will say this guy knows his stuff. I have not found anything that he has said that I disagree with. This was a well done set of videos and I feel a good drycleaner was chosen to show how the drycleaning process works. Well done!!!

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