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Is that this how you love to

spend time? Me neither.

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Within my neighborhood, I frequently see trucks double-parked using the

engines running, filled with clean laundry and freshly-pressed dry


Delivery services make sense within the city, where a vacation to

the laundry mat means lugging heavy bags of dirty clothes lower the


As Business Insider’s Libby Kane discovered, delivery also saves

you time: at

least 80 minutes, if you are lucky and do not have to watch for

machines to be shown.

However I always assumed that having to pay another person to complete my laundry

would be a luxury which i could not afford.

And So I was intrigued to discover that Delivery.com had added a brand new

feature that enables you to definitely make a price comparison for laundry pickup and

delivery where you live.

If you have used Delivery.com to buy food, alcohol, or groceries,

you know the drill: key in your address and a summary of

stores and restaurants will appear, plus a rating.

Laundry and dry cleaning work exactly the same way.

delivery.com compare price

The &quotprice compare&quot button

instantly sorts laundromats in your town by



To obtain a cost estimate, clicking on &quotPrice Compare&quot at the very top

from the page.

Then you definitely click the icons for what you ought to get dry cleaned

(for example, three shirts and two pants), or go into the

total weight of the items you will be delivering out for wash-and-fold.

I had been shocked through the variation in prices in my Brooklyn

neighborhood. My rough guess was which i had 10 pounds of

laundry, and also the estimates ranged from $8 to $87.50. Most fell in

the $20-$30 range.

As I will not go with either the least expensive or even the most

costly alternative (the $8 laundry service includes a one-star

rating), Used to do observe that there have been reasonable options that

fell in the centre.


Within my neighborhood, prices

for laundry ranged from $8 to in excess of $80.


For example, one laundry mat having a five-star rating charges $10

while offering totally free. Usually, doing my very own laundry costs $5

every week (by means of quarters that I have hoarded within an empty

jam jar), so having to pay yet another $5 for convenience appears worth


I’ve not accepted yet. However I suspect that when I start

to delegate this straightforward but tiresome task, it will likely be much like

Business Insider’s Jacqui Kenyon stated:

I’ll never return.

Resourse: http://businessinsider.com/

This machine folds your laundry


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