How you can clean vintage barbie dolls clothes

How to Clean Vintage Barbie Clothes

Barbie dolls is a fashion icon since her debut in 1959. Through the years Barbie dolls has worn some amazing outfits that reflect the latest fashions of various eras. Additionally to putting on glamorous evening put on produced by designers for example Bob Mackie, Byron Lars, and Anne Klein, Barbie dolls has sported more casual outfits, sports put on, worldwide costumes, and swimsuits, usually supported by her trademark high heel shoes. She’s also worn the uniforms of her many careers. It’s important for collectors to correctly take care of vintage Barbie dolls clothes so that they show well when displayed.

Vintage Barbie dolls Clothing

Collectors consider any Barbie dolls dolls made with the 1970s vintage. Based on their condition, clothing might be dirty, stained, or perhaps frayed. Someone finding a box of vintage Barbie dolls accessories and clothes may question if cleaning products decreases any potential value. While a classic toy putting on clothing in performed-with, but clean condition might be well-liked by collectors, many people don’t want dolls putting on soiled or torn clothes.

Eliminate Dust

Vintage Barbie dolls dolls which have been located on shelves might have clothes that faded from contact with sunlight and have a layer of dust. A toy owner can pull off lightly wiping it away having a soft cloth to brighten up. Canned air effectively removes dust, but stay away from it for fragile products or clothes with loose snaps or any other adornments. If there’s a smell towards the clothing, lay it near a wide open window or outdoors to air.

Washing Vintage Fabrics

Vintage Barbie dolls clothing is small , can certainly go missing when put into a washer. If washing is essential, get it done by hands inside a sink or small bucket. Cold water is most effective to prevent shrinking or fading.

Stretchy Fabrics and Nylon

The initial Barbie dolls used a stretchy knit, zebra-striped bathing suit, and Mattel later offered versions which were red along with other colors. The material from early swimsuits might be extended out, have runs, or perhaps be faded, based on Fashion Toy Guide, an extensive resource about vintage Barbie dolls dolls. Mattel used nylon tricot for many vintage Barbie dolls clothing products for example mitts, nightgowns, or undergarments. Soaking these fabrics inside a solution like OxiClean and cold water removes stains. Following a good rinsing and blotting having a towel, lay clothing flat on the cloth to dry.

Cotton and Jeans

You should test cotton and jeans fabric and make certain dyes will not run when wet. Soaking colored clothing inside a solution of white-colored vinegar and cold water helps set the colours before washing. An answer made from 1 tablespoon of the gentle detergent like Dreft or Ivory combined with a gallon of cold water can remove dirt. After rinsing products, blot water having a towel and lay flat to dry. Never mix white-colored vintage Barbie dolls clothes with colored clothing. Light steaming can cope with wrinkles, but proprietors who opt for a lukewarm iron should make use of a pressing cloth between your iron and fabric, and steer clear of starch since it might attract insects with time.

Made of woll and Knitted Clothing

Mattel made a number of its earliest Barbie dolls sweaters from made of woll, but later used cotton. You should determine if knitted or made of woll clothing can endure washing. An excessive amount of fraying or holes may mean a sweater or coat is really a bad candidate for laundry. For vintage knitted and made of woll clothes that appear to be sturdy, a light detergent can clean clothing while staying away from stretching or shrinking.

Fancy Fabrics

Stay away from water on vintage clothing produced from fabrics like silk, satin, brocade, chiffon, tulle, fur, velvet, leather, or any other luxurious materials&shy&shy&shy&shy. Barbie dolls clothing which has special trims, flowers, sequins, or any other adornments may also not endure well to washing.

Cleaning Utility Caddy

Toy collectors may use commercial laundry products in addition to 100 % natural ingredients to look after vintage Barbie dolls clothing. People trying to find laundry products should try to look for solutions that aren’t too harsh.



Heinz distilled white-colored vinegar

Diluting in cold water before soaking clothes can set colors before washing to prevent fading

Dreft laundry soap

Lightly cleans stains without harsh chemicals

Ivory Snow gentle care Ddtergent

Concentrated, colorfast formula lightly cleans clothing


Stain-fighting formula uses bubbling oxygen action

Gentle cleaners assists in keeping dyes from running together when washing vintage Barbie dolls clothes. Proprietors ought to be careful about using stain fighting ingredients if fabrics are fragile.

Buying Vintage Barbie dolls Clothes on eBay

Proprietors of vintage Barbie dolls clothing have numerous products to select from when searching for eBay. Look for vintage Barbie dolls clothes while using search engine from the page. Sellers offer many vintage Barbie dolls clothes as lots with various sorts of clothes. A few of these lots could have homemade outfits or reproductions of vintage styles, so browse the description from the list carefully and appear carefully at any photos provided. Should you correctly take care of your vintage Barbie dolls clothes, it ensures that you will get many years of enjoyment from the collection.

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