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There are lots of work-at-home based business ideas that do not happen to many people. One of these requires no special skills and incredibly little launch money. Furthermore, all you need to operate e-commerce are available in your laundry room. Unsure what I am speaking about? Here is a hint: you already get it done and most likely happen to be for a long time. I am speaking about beginning your personal wash and fold service.

Laundry. So easy to do, yet many people hate doing the work. For you personally, it may offer an extra $100 to $300 per week.

Many stay home parents (SAHPs) searching for any work from home (WAH) job or business most likely don’t consider a wash and fold service being an option. It certainly wasn’t something I figured of initially after i was searching for something to complete at home. But after trying a couple of different possibilities and being disappointed with every outcome, the thought of a running home-based wash and fold service was created. It required some work along with a couple of trials and errors, however I clean clothes once per week and gross $1,100 per month. Pretty good just for cleaning clothes!

I am going to express the way i started my house-based laundry service, Laundry Care, and provide you with tips that will have saved me considerable time. I’ll incorporate a step-by-step guide in addition to suggestions for marketing. Beginning a house laundry services are a terrific way to make extra cash without getting to sacrifice lots of your time and effort!

Take Proper care of the Legal Stuff

You will need to seek advice from your condition on potential licensing and registration needs. You will see a florida sales tax you will need to pay on the frequent basis it’s vital that you understand what the florida sales tax is incorporated in the county you’ll be operating in. You’ll should also establish how to be organized Sole Proprietor, LLC, S Corp, etc.

Open a company Bank Account

I highly recommend keeping the laundry personal and business transactions separate. While not necessary, it’s simpler come tax season to report your wages and expenses if they’re not commingled with your own personal finances.

Setup Your Record-Keeping

You will have to keep an eye on a number of things including:

  • Laundry clients
  • Payments received
  • Expenses
  • Mileage

It doesn’t mean you have to get out there and purchase fancy financial software–Google Spreadsheet will a fine job of monitoring everything – and it is free.

Arrange the technique and The payment schemes

Determine your payment terms. Will your customers pay out before services are carried out or after? Are you going to accept cash and checks, or are you going to take charge card payments too? They are policies you will need to establish before on clients. The majority of my clients choose to pay via charge card. PayPal is a user friendly charge card processor having a reasonable fee (3% of transactions) that you could setup within minutes. Pay Anywhere helps save money if you take charge card payments on the run (a set amount of 19 cents per transaction, along with a 2.69% fee for each swipe).

You’ll should also figure out how much you’ll charge your customers. Two of the most anxiousness I have observed are generally through the pound or through the bag size. If you opt to charge through the pound you will need to buy a hanging scale (Amazon . com carries them for $10) and see your rate ($1 to $1.50/lbs may be the average). If you opt to use bags, you will need to determine the scale and material preferred for you personally bags after which look for a vendor affordable. I personally use a nylon bag that’s 22&quot X 28&quot and holds roughly two lots of clothing. You are able to anticipate bags to cost between $2 and $4/bag.

Create a Website

Some might reason that this task is not required, but I’d need to completely disagree. You don’t have a physical store such as the Laundromats, so that your website, in this way, is the store. You must have a means for clients to locate you and also get details about the services you provide. You are able to make this happen goal by developing a website. WordPress is really a free website design site that’s very user-friendly. It is simple to make a website and discover an internet host using their &quotHosting&quot section. I initially used GoDaddy in my website, after which later hired a completely independent contractor to produce what’s now LaundryCare.

Advertise Your Services

There are many offline and online methods to advertise your services I’ll start with internet marketing.

With regards to creating your web presence, you are likely to have two options: free marketing and compensated marketing. I personally use a mix of both to advertise my wash and fold service. Free marketing would come with listing your self on free directories for example Google Places and Yahoo! Local. Craigslist is yet another great source to market your laundry service free of charge. Compensated marketing includes backed ads the thing is on the internet search engine search engine pages. The very best dogs are Pay Per Click, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads. There are lots of more free and compensated internet marketers, but make use of this as the beginning point.

Social internet marketing is definitely an imperative piece for your marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn a few of the accessible places to waste time. You do not need (and will not have time) to produce multiple accounts–a Facebook Page will begin. To obtain clients to &quotLike&quot your Facebook page you can present an incentive for example money business first order.

Internet marketing requires only some time and a pc. For offline marketing you are going to need to perform a large amount of walking and speaking. First factor you will need to do is create an attention-getting flier. Fliers really are a cheap method to market your business and when there is a local college campus, you are able to expose you to ultimately hundreds of prospects every single day. Make certain your flier comes with an attention-getting headline and print it on extremely colorful paper.

Include accomplish tabs at the end of the flier that contains your:

  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Website (for those who have one)

Business card printing are another advertising tool you will need for individuals occasions when you’re speaking having a potential client. You will get 250 business card printing printed free through Vista Print (with $5 shipping).

Create a list of local firms that can use your merchandise (spas, hospitals, day cares, restaurants) and phone them either by telephone or personally. It’s not necessary to turn it into a manipulative sales hype. Give a fast introduction about your and yourself laundry service, along with the way your service may benefit their business.

Here is a little insider information which I have accustomed to make an impression on business clients: you’re less costly than big, commercial cleaners and also you do not require extended contracts. Most large commercial cleaners require a minimum of a year’s contract and can charge for multiple products, for example fuel and processing. Knowing these details can provide you with something appealing to offer potential business clients.

Lastly, you will need to discuss your company as frequently as possible. Networking is an extremely effective tool. Who knows when you’ll encounter somebody that just transpires with need your merchandise or knows someone who does.


Now you are prepared to visit accept your company. Be patient and realize that Rome wasn’t built per day. You’ll need time for you to increase your business. I did not get my first client until 2 several weeks after launch and trust me, I had been beginning to consider Irrrve never would. Next first client I increased to 4, then 8, then 12. Like a stay-at-home mother, I had been making great extra cash just by doing laundry from my house. Now I help other stay-at-home parents accomplish exactly the same factor through my opportunity Laundry Care.

About the writer: Danielle D. founded Laundry Care in Columbus, Ohio being an chance to earn extra earnings her family.


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