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A Reliable Rochester, NY Dry Cleaners Since 1924

At Speedy’s Cleaners our goal is defined lengthy-term relationships with this Rochester, New You are able to (NY) customers according to consistently outstanding service, good quality, reliability, and trust.

Speedy’s Cleaners Dry Cleaning provides an array of dry cleaning and laundry services for all your apparel and household needs, with convenient locations through the Rochester, NY area.

If you would like your dry cleaning, laundry, niche products like leather and lower, or fire / smoke broken products looked after by an very professional staff having a proven record of quality, take the business to Speedy’s.

High-Quality, Fast Dry Cleaning &amp Niche Cleaning Services in a Great Cost

Speedy’s Rochester, NY Dry Cleaners offers high-quality, fast dry cleaning, laundry, and niche cleaning services at cost-effective huge discounts.

Speedy' src=Speedy’s Standard Dry Cleaning &amp Laundry Services

  • Casual Clothing
  • Formal Clothing
  • Shirts &amp Blouses
  • Sweaters &amp Knits
  • Pants, Jeans, &amp Leggings
  • Dresses &amp Gowns
  • Delicate Fabrics
  • Suits &amp Tuxedos
  • Sports &amp Band Uniforms

Speedy’s Niche Dry Cleaning &amp Laundry Services

  • Leather &amp Suede Products
  • Wedding Dress Upkeep
  • Lower-Filled Products
  • Quilts, Comforters, Blankets &amp Duvets
  • Sleeping-bags
  • Boat Sails
  • Draperies &amp Valances
  • Table Linens
  • Rugs

Speedy’s Other Expertise

  • Wedding Dress Upkeep
  • Fire &amp Smoke Restoration
  • Repairs &amp Alterations

Speedy’s Cleaners Dry Cleaning offers convenient locations throughout Rochester, New You are able to (NY) and surrounding areas.

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Speedy’s Cleaners is part of

the nation’s Cleaners Association (NCA).

Resourse: http://speedyscleaners.com/

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