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Need to know why??

I save them money and time! It is exactly what I’m able to provide for you. So how do i have this done?

Consider it. Forget about running backwards and forwards towards the dry cleaning store anymore. I’ll help you save time, hassle, and gas money. Surprisingly, I’m really less costly than most the dry cleaners within Central Ohio and my quality of labor will rival anybody.

It’s a discomfort within the neck to decrease off and get your dry cleaning in the dry cleaners

More often than not it sits inside your vehicle before you make sure to drop them back. It sits in the dry cleaner before you make sure to go get it (if they’re still open??). And when you’ve got kids…you need to get them out of the vehicle and drag them kicking and screaming with lollipops stuck within their hair simply to have them inside along with you. Steer clear of the madness!

Why don’t you allow me to demonstrate the posh (with no cost) of dry cleaning pick-up and delivery?

You’ll released your dry cleaning on Monday in a single of my Very important personel bags and miraculously it turns up on Thursday…. or putting it by helping cover their an email saying “next day,” also it turns up Tuesday. Ok, let’s say you forget to place it, got away from vacation, or simply a business trip–you give us a call, we’ll get it also it turns up the following day. Now that’s dry cleaning paradise, isn’t it?

Besides dry cleaning and washing your shirts, we dry clean comforters, tablecloths, linens, blankets, suede, leather, rugs, drapes, band uniforms, sports jerseys, etc. We a single thing. We’ll also do alterations, recycle your wardrobe hangers feed you grapes on the hammock….. ok not that however, you understand!

Ok now what??

$5 dollars for the damaged buttons.

Hate damaged or missing buttons when you are getting a shirt away from the dry cleaner? I am talking about seriously, I can’t stay at home either. So here’s what I’ve completed to sweeten the pot: you’ll get $5 dollars cash for just about any buttons we miss which are damaged. Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t setup this insurance policy to ensure that I possibly could hand out five-dollar bills. Hey I love you…but not too much. This ensures my staff will meticulously look at your buttons to obtain the damaged ones therefore we don’t lose the 5 dollars.

There’s NO obligation to provide us a go! $10 off the first load.

So here’s how this FREE dry cleaning delivery service of mine works:

I’ll provide you with certainly one of my bags. You are able to give my service an effort couple of months and find out the way i do. Basically do great, I’ll still provide service for you personally. Basically don’t achieve this well, we are able to spend no hard feelings.

Seem great? Sweeeet! I love to keep existence simple.

So, call me at 614-792-1822 or register HERE so we could possibly get this factor began.

Stop driving yourself crazy. You don’t need to go get your dry cleaning anymore. You don’t need to be a uniform to possess this particular service. You just need to have about $40 dollars or even more of dry cleaning per month. Most importantly off…my staff are extremely friendly, considerate, awesome, and simple to use. Get your phone now and prevent the craziness. Call me at 614-792-1822 to obtain began.

Your Dry Cleaning Butler,


P.S. Call me at 614-792-1822. Remember it doesn’t cost anymore to possess us get and deliver your dry cleaning. Place your dry cleaning up and load it up with as numerous clothes as possible for that $10-Dollars-Off-Just-To-Try-Me-Out special.

Resourse: http://therainbowcleaners.com/

Rainbow cleaning System's Aquamate Carpet Shampooer


Roy Martin: My wife works for a cleaning company here in the UK. Up until a few months ago, she was using a SEBO….OK, it was good and did a great job….A friend gave us a SEBO and I praised the heck out of it after using it a few times. Anyhow, My wife’s employer has decided to invest in a few RAINBOW systems and has also given permission for us to use it at home….In a word, WOW. I’ve never been so impressed with a vacuum system before. The fact that the dirt missed by a so called expensive vacuum such as my SEBO was picked up by the RAINBOW is beyond words. Some people might say that the Rainbow uses water to trap the dust and dirt it collects but doesn’t a normal vacuum with a bag do exactly the same?….Well I’d say no. For one, it does not kick out any dirt once collected in the water bowl unlike other vacuum’s that throw dirt back into the air, only for it to settle somewhere else.  I’m not a sales man, never have been….I just think credit where credit is due for such a brilliant machine that actually does the job it was designed to do unlike the inferior items out there.

H Arambula: I super love this machine!!! Well worth every penny you pay for it

Alabama Fan: does it fit rainbow se vac

azeza1979: كم سعر القطعة الزجاجية مع العلم انو من 10 ايام اشتريت الاكواميت

esmo fernandez: he didnt explain how to use it!

عزام الجندي: للطلب الرجاء الاتصال على الرقم 0550025121

Albin Grządkowski: better watch thishttps://

KandI Megahan: Sounds like such hype, but then again I’m a consumer looking to be informed.

Bockscar: I bet the rainbow products are great but click on this link and see what others are saying about them =

Ross Gilmore: Can you use store brand shampoo or just rainbow shampoo?

Charles BridgTec: This machine is way too over priced at $2000 dollars! I would buy a Rug Doctor for $499 at Sam’s Club and keep my $200 dollar vacum instead, saving is everything.

galsal78: mines not an aquamate, its an e series model, wrong instructions for me.\r

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