Hgp wedding gown cleaning and upkeep processes

Hgp wedding gown cleaning and upkeep processes

1. Custom Strategy To Every Wedding Gown Cleaning and Upkeep

The wedding gown is going to be carefully inspected as well as an individualized plan for treatment is decided according to the wedding gown fabric, trims and elegance. Our goal would be to return your gown to master condition. Our wedding dress care experts determines the best way for cleaning for the gown to safeguard it from damage while still obtaining the stains out.

2. Wedding Gown Cleaning

We provide your wedding gown TLC (love and attention.) Unlike wholesale dry-cleaners and lots of national companies who clean wedding dresses in great quantity (as much as 30 gowns at any given time), each wedding dress we treat will get individual care. Most wedding gowns are hands cleaned although some are place cleaned or dry-cleaned in virgin solvent. We frequently utilize several approach to wedding dress cleaning (mixing dry-cleaning with place cleaning, for example.) We’re not satisfied until we’re certain every stain that may be removed is taken away.

3. Hands Pressed Perfectly

Next, our gown care experts will hands press the wedding gown. A lot of companies will gently steam your dress, but recommendations the hands pressing does a far greater job. Beads and sequins are extremely safe with this careful pressing.

4. Your Dress Could Be Repaired

It takes place, a snag, a loose button, or worse! Your beautiful wedding gown can sustain some damage on your wedding event. Don’t worry, our expert seamstresses can repair the wedding gown prior to it being preserved. Heritage Couture™ packages include as much as 2 hrs of repairs. Repairs can also be found for for Heritage Select™ orders for the next charge.

5. Museum Quality Wedding Gown Upkeep

We’ll preserve the wedding gown to Museum quality standards. Choose between Museum Method™ or Heritage Box™ wedding dress upkeep. Each method make use of the finest, acidity-free and lignin free materials. Should you choose your quest, you might find that lots of wedding dress upkeep boxes utilized by the local dry cleaners aren’t acidity-free, and lots of which are acidity-free aren’t lignin free. This can damage the wedding gown, as lignin will break lower with time, and so the acidity-free box is not acidity-free. Therefore we insist upon our upkeep materials being both acidity-free and lignin free.

6. Safe Secure Shipping

We utilize Signature Delivery for those wedding gown cleaning and upkeep shipments. We sign for this when they get it here and it should be signed when ever came back for you. Your treasured wedding dress isn’t left on the home. You will get an e-mail having a FedEX tracking number and believed delivery date whenever your wedding dress ships.

7. Wedding Gown Upkeep Warranty

You’ll enjoy reassurance understanding that we support our upkeep processes. Our Heritage Select™ upkeep provides a thirty year warranty against yellowing. Heritage Couture™ upkeep provides a lifetime warranty against yellowing, oxidized spots, etc. We provide a thirty day satisfaction guaranty too. If you’re not pleased with our service, you might return the wedding gown to all of us to become serviced again. We would like every customer to become a happy customer.

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