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Gown Upkeep

Gown Preservation

The Marriage Day is proud to provide you Gown Upkeep for the Wedding Dress.

 Watch The Upkeep Process

Here is complete information and solutions to all your questions. We is going to be glad to process your gown for upkeep so we may even have your gown shipped straight to you when it’s complete at no additional charge.

Gown Upkeep Company History:

The Marriage Gown Upkeep Company is a household owned business operating in Endicott, New You are able to since 1913, where they focused on upkeep and alterations of wedding dresses. There modern lab and equipment preserve every gown having a special anti-sugar treatment to avoid yellowing and discoloration and has been shown and acknowledged as the best way in gown preservations through the Worldwide Fabricare Institute. In the last 80+ years, Wedding Dress Upkeep Company has prided on their own quality and proper care of the marriage gowns they neat and preserve for his or her customers. Each gown is handled individually and because of the utmost care and attention.

The Upkeep Process:

Installed the greatest amount of professional care in to the heirloom processing of the gown. First, they examine your gown to locate all spots. An in depth Qc Report is updated through every single step. They will use proven formulas to get rid of spots and treat the whole gown for sugar stains. Your gown is completely cleaned with extra focus on the neckline, trim and hemlines. Their experts shape clothing, position a complete bust form and fill the sleeves. This will make it covered with acidity-free tissue and fitted carefully right into a upkeep chest by having an acidity-free display window. The upkeep chest will be enclosed inside a 700 lb.-test shipping carton. Your gown will be shipped back pre-compensated any place in the U . s . States by UPS or Given-Ex. You obtain clothing within ten to 15 business days from the time they receive it. (Please Be Aware: Repairs along with other additional services may need additional processing time.)


1. Should i have my gown cleaned before delivering it for your company?

No, they’ll handle all the cleaning essential to ensure an effective upkeep.

2. What is the procedure that you employ to wash clothing?

Wedding Dress Upkeep Company has lots of different processes which are utilized in cleaning. Each gown is evaluated before cleaning and also the best process for your particular gown can be used. All the processes are secure, gentle and made by hands. Please be aware: they are doing remove shoulder pads and bust forms, as departing them within the gown might cause damage with time. They’re then packaged individually and shipped together with your gown.

3. What stains are removed together with your process?

They could remove a minimum of 95% of stains. Individuals for example tar, bloodstream, grass stains, dirt, grease and food are the most typical, not to mention any sugar stains for example cake icing, wine or other kinds of beverages.

4. What is visible with the display window?

You’ll be able to visit your gown and veil with the display window. Other products are situated near the foot of your window where possible or beneath the gown.

5. Can One have my veil or any other accessories cleaned, although not placed with my gown?

Yes, you might for the next charge. Please make reference to the transaction form for prices information.

6. What else can one send together with my gown?

You may even send products for example headpiece, garter, mitts, moneybag, handkerchief, slip, flower girl dress, etc. for the next charge. Please make reference to the transaction form for prices information.

7. What types of repairs are carried out towards the gown?

Wedding Dress Upkeep Company takes pride in getting a sizable staff of tailors and seamstresses that handle most repairs for any nominal fee.

8. Can One reseal this area myself whether it was opened up unintentionally however the gown wasn’t handled?

Your upkeep chest is distributed for you sealed. However, when the chest is opened up, they’ve enclosed sealing squares to put within the seams from the upkeep chest.

9. If I have to open the upkeep chest whenever later on, will that jeopardize or void the lifetime guarantee?

Your guarantee won’t be voided however, you need to be certain to reseal the chest area using the sealing squares provided. They also have enclosed mitts that to handle gown. In case your gown was handled excessively or soiled it ought to be cleaned and preserved again.

10. Is my gown guaranteed?

YES! They offer one hundredPercent guarantee for 25 years against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing from the gown. If anytime clothing is located to possess yellowed or has caramelized stains, they’ll restore clothing at no extra charge towards the customer. If processing is not successful, they’ll refund the upkeep cost. Remember: Never store your gown within an attic room or basement.

 Visit the shop to possess your gown preserved for lasting recollections!


Resourse: http://theweddingday.com/gown-upkeep/



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