Good question: so how exactly does dry cleaning work? « wcco

Good question: so how exactly does dry cleaning work? « wcco

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Not everything we put on finds its distance to the washer. A lot of our clothes need to be dry cleaned. As well as for many, which means frequent journeys towards the local dry cleaner to possess suits and blazers professionally treated.

And odds are very good you’ve got no idea your way your clothes begin in the dry cleaner.

“Between what goes on after i leave them here and that i return and obtain them, I haven’t an idea,” one customer stated.

That’s where Dave Nemec, who owns St. Croix Cleaners and Treasured Outfit Restoration, is necessary.

“We’ve got 20 locations through the east metro in addition to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. The company continues to be her in excess of a century,” Nemec stated.

Nemec states every item that will get delivered, will get a barcode.

“It informs us the material, it informs us the company name, the colour, the master of it. We unbutton every button and appearance all of the pockets two times,” Nemec stated.

After that, 60 to 100 pounds of garments at any given time are make the dry cleaning machine, where they’re given an eco-friendly solvent.

“It looks much like water but it’s not water, so that they refer to it as dry cleaning,” Nemec stated.

The solvent really dissolves salts and stains, that are then pressed from the machine. The solvent will be recycled.

Each load takes greater than an hour or so, after which clothing is inspected for stains like food, ink or magic markers.

Next, it’s off and away to the press, a place that is filled with heat and that’s a great factor. The new air is pumped into pants to consider proper care of wrinkles.

“The Legger” then presses the pants “The Suzie” treats blouses and blazers.

Men’s shirts are washed, the cuffs and colours are tended to, and they are pressed inside a machine known as “The Buck.”

About 4,000 clothes are processed every day at St. Croix Cleaners, including rugs, Uggs, wedding dresses and theater costumes.

Finally, the garments are sorted by their barcode around the ride to allow them to understand home. It often takes about 2 days for the clothes to become ready when you drop them off.

“It’s our last chance prior to the customer understands that outfit to make certain we’ve got it every bit as good as possible,” Nemec stated.

St. Croix Cleaners really features its own water tower. That can help them conserve a couple of million gallons of city water annually.


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