Forget dry cleaning! cleaner, softer, longer-lasting clothes originate from wet cleaning – eco-friendly care cleaners

dreamstime_949547-suitShould you thought clean clothes along with a clean atmosphere couldn’t co-exist, reconsider! Eco-friendly Care Cleaners in Highlands Ranch uses Wet Cleaning to maintain your sharpest jackets, fanciest dresses, most delicate gowns, and best shirts clean…without harsh chemicals. The finish result? Clothes that keep going longer, resist staining, feel softer, and not have the “chemical smell” that you will get from traditional dry cleaning.

Concerned about clothes that say “Dry Clean Only?”

The Wet Cleaning Method can’t only clean something that dry cleaning can, the Wet Cleaning Method can make your clothes feel fresher, keep going longer, look newer, all while being healthier for you and the atmosphere.

We all do it by mixing 58 experience with Environmental protection agency-Approved, eco-friendly methods. The good thing? Organic wet cleaning will get your clothes searching their finest for that same cost as traditional dry cleaning! (Find out more about how we’re different around the Eco-friendly Care Difference page.)

How you can achieve us!

Eco-friendly Care Cleaners is open six days per week serving the communities of Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Greenwood Village, Englewood and Cherry Creek.

Possess a question about how exactly we are able to take care of your preferred outfit? Call us at 303-798-0515, or visit anytime (visit a map)!

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12 Clothing Problems All Women Will Recognize


HeyItsHannah: I hate it when you wear a zip up hoodie and when you sit down the hoodie  bends making a bump and it looks like you have a larger stomach. Idk, I might be the only one with that problem. 

glamourgirl22: or worse: FAKE POCKETS


Princejammer62: Another problem: When you take your sweater off and your shirt lifts up.

milly: are thongs painful? they look painful.

ShokoFlow: Incoming edgy and troll-training twelve year old commenters who think their feminist jokes are funny.

BlueSaberKnight: People do realize that this channel is mainly for girls right? Not only girls but mainly. Men, please stop complaining you can watch the videos on this channel just don’t be a jerk in the comments.

noriko takejama (riko): searching for pockets even though you’re wearing leggings…

Rozemarijn Bakker: Here’s the better question: WHY IN THE FUCKING HELL WOULD YOU WEAR WHITE SHORTS ON YOUR PERIOD?!

Miranda Barranco: when you sit down with a zip-up sweater, and the zipper turns into a mini replica of the Himalayan mountains

xchocofairy: Or when you’re wearing ankle boots with jeans that go right above the ankle so there’s a weird slit. Oh my gosh, kills me every time.

Unamed Mess: 1 more thing when your private part (for girls) is ichy AS F%#K in public and your too shy to scratch it. ANNOYING!

Sophia Stordahl: And when your zipper on your sweatshirt makes you look super fat

Fease Yough: I dont understand why men always complain about women on here. What, do they just not like women or something? There always talking like women should be in the kitchen making sandwiches or stay below men. Do these men not respect there girlfriends, or mothers, or sisters? Do they even have girlfriends? Are they even attracted to women? Do they even have friends that are female? Do they even know any girls in their lives? Cause by the way they sound and talk on here it makes me think that they think they belong in a world containing just men, or even better, men who lock up women in their kitchens to be placed on stand by for sex and ready to eat food. Am I right?


danny phantom: I never have to worry about boob sweat because;

Guitar Maniac: Ashdrew at the end��

Lauren Sabino: My wardrobe consists of black and gray over sized sweaters and that’s basically it.

Tardi Grade X-tra: Im a male. And i have the same


Comment_User: A woman has two problems

Kawaii Neko: When u are wearing boots but your sock starts to slip down ;-; I hate that

Dani TV: Ashdrew! ♡~

toyamwarr: I live in Florida. I don’t have to run to get under boob sweat.

hannah walker: Who wears white shorts on or around their period?

Manic Marie (Bucktoothsnake): Y’all know that buzz feed has SIX YouTube channels right?!?!? They are categorized by colors and they mean different things?? And violet is mainly targeted towards women right??? If you DO NOT WANT TO SEE THESE KIND OF VIDEOS MAYBE YOU SHOULD WATCH THE OTHER FIVE CHANNELS THEY HAVE THAT ISNT TARGETED MAINLY TOWARDS WOMEN?!? Hmmmmmmmmm what a concept.

Natalie M: Yeah I fucking hate how most women’s shirts are practically tissue paper thin. 

MelanieGiraffe: For the last one, who wears a black bra with a white mostly see through shirt? Really.. Either wear a white bra or a nude bra. It is less likely to see your bra. It works… Trust me

shazy ze llama: Somebody: Your bra strip is showing :/

Christmas Croptop: How about when u wear leggings, and your underwear shows? Like transparent almost…