Dry cleaning delivery

Dry cleaning delivery

Startup Costs: Under $2,000

Work From Home: Could be operated at home.

Part-time: Could be operated part-time.

Franchises Available?


Online Operation?

Dry cleaning delivery No

Here’s the issue: You have six good suits to put on to work. Five are laying dirty at the end of the laundry hamper, and you’ve got just dribbled mustard all lower the leading from the sixth. If perhaps there have been time for you to go out towards the dry cleaner after which additional time to get the suits afterward. The answer: a dry-cleaning pickup and delivery service. If you have good business skills, you want being on the move and aspire to earn a nice income, then this can be only the business for you personally. You’ll hire dry-cleaning establishments to service your customers’ clothes. Then you will get the dirties from homes and offices, bring them set for cleaning, get them after servicing and send them back for their rightful proprietors. You are able to arrange regular biweekly stops, obtaining fresh dirties while you fall off your last visit’s load of now-clean clothes, and you may have customers demand emergency pickups. The benefits for this business are that you could work at home, and you are always on the run, so you are not hanging out awaiting activity. You will need business and logistical skills in addition to good marketing and advertising strategies to convince dry cleaners and customers to apply your company.

The Marketplace

Your clients is going to be busy business and residential individuals who don’t wish to spend time trotting back and forth from the cleaners. Companies make excellent targets because individuals at the office are usually on-site (or their secretaries or any other workers are) and simply accessible. You could also target military bases should there be any in your town–individuals the uniformed services always need clean, pressed clothes and therefore are an excellent source of revenue. Make sure to seek advice from base government bodies first to make certain you will be granted access. Junk mail brochures to individuals within the neighborhoods you intend to service–target middle- and upper-earnings places that people are able to afford your merchandise. Deliver your brochures to companies–particularly large office complexes where one can hit lots of customers in a single stop–and explain the benefits of making use of your company. Stay in frequently, even though you do not get demands for business immediately. Eventually, individuals will start piling around the clothes.

Needed Equipment

A van outfitted to hold hanging clothes without squashing them or slinging them to the floor is essential. You’ll also require a mobile phone or pager so customers can rapidly contact you. Purchase cotton, vinyl or canvas laundry bags imprinted together with your emblem to depart with customers–it provides them the cachet of getting ‘their own service’ and encourages them to set up clothes that you should get.

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