bridges the laundry delivery gap with twilio sms

Nowadays, you are able to summon everything from gourmet sushi to personal motorists to your very own helicopter using the mouse click. Whether it’s the center of the mid-day or even the midnight, things are available when needed.

But there’s one industry which hasn’t exactly swept up using the occasions: dry cleaning. attempted to bring a million users a much better laundry experience, and produce dry-cleaners start up business using Twilio SMS.

A Million Users, One Common Denominator

DryCleaningDeliveryThis past year, expanded its delivery options from restaurants, liquor stores and supermarkets, and added on-demand laundry. For his or her users, getting laundry sent right to their door is as simple as delivering a text, or visiting But, bridging the technological gap between dry-cleaners and users to produce their cool product wasn’t any easy task. Their way to succeed was one common denominator between tech-savvy users and much more traditional dry-cleaners: the phone.

“Some from the dry cleaners were utilizing the same practices put in place decades ago,” said  Senior Developer Tim O’Malley. Tim and the friend Jay Winters co-founded the startup Brinkmat, that was acquired by in June 2013.

Using Twilio, the team made dry-cleaners’ phones more intelligent without altering the essential way these were already while using phone. They built features like repeat ordering via SMS, real-time text status updates for purchasers, and automatic deadline reminders for dry cleaners via SMS and Voice.

“Let’s say you’re awaiting your freshly pressed suit to become delivered before the interview. Using, you’ll obtain a notification via SMS before your suit is delivered,” stated O’Malley. “For recurring orders, it’s as easy as responding ‘yes’ to some text asking if you wish to repeat a purchase.” All of these features are survive today.

To cleaners and customers alike, Tim O’Malley stated their Twilio integration was “magic.” Dry cleaners are landing more business using their new tools, and customers spend much less time hassling with obtaining and shedding business laundry themselves.

Today, 95% of’s cleaners receive their orders via Twilio calls or SMS. For,, integrations such as this are only the beginning of the bigger campaign of dealing with real life problems and automating them. We can’t wait to determine the things they build next.

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About empowers the area economy be enabling people to make an online purchase using their favorite local restaurants, supermarkets, wine and spirits shops, and today laundry and dry cleaning providers at Every single day several million customers explore their communities and order from greater than 10,000 local companies while in your own home, at the office, or on the run. With headquarters in New You are able to along with a growing presence through the U.S., makes e-commerce a fundamental element of local daily existence, helping customers shop, companies grow, and neighborhood thrive.


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