College campus laundry solutions

CSC ServiceWorks, formerly ASI / Mac-Grey Campus Laundry Solutions, may be the only

company dedicated exclusively to laundry solutions for universites and colleges. Over the

years we’ve developed products, services, and systems to boost every aspect of

campus laundry. Our programs contain Positive service, the very best equipment

available, cutting-edge technology, and exciting student marketing programs that

make students happy.


The CSC Service Application

Reporting services are simpler than in the past!

The CSC ServiceWorks service application is really a simple and quick approach to reporting service. Available through Google Play or even the iTunes store, the application enables the consumer to merely scan the license plate around the machine requiring repair. All the information needed to put a service request will populate instantly, such as the exact place from the machine.

Click the link to download the app on your iPhone.

Click the link to download the application in your android.


ACUHO-I 2015 Outstanding Corporate Friend Award

ACUHO-I Foundation awarded Diane Cline using the 2015 Outstanding Corporate Friend Award.

LaundryView® has become placed on greater than 330 campuses nationwide

LaundryView® continues to be the #1 laundry monitoring system because it was created in 2003 and it is enjoyed by greater than 500,000 students on greater than 330 campuses across the nation. Other e-monitoring systems just can’t contend with LaundryView®! Front-finish usability and aesthetic features include school-specific personalization and accessibility industry’s best educational sources, as the back-finish technology provides wealthy reporting and repair features that aren’t provided with any competing system.

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The Incorporated Program

Because nobody wants to become overlooked!

Students love the benefit of not getting to bother with having to pay per load to complete laundry. Our Incorporated Program may be the suggested financial option its our partner schools, since it provides among the basics of campus existence with no constant need to obtain more quarters for laundry. Revenue towards the school is stable since laundry charges are controlled through the school and built to the housing rate.

Ensure that is stays Local

Giving to the local people

CSC ServiceWorks partners with MONCO Enterprises, a non-profit organization that gives employment possibilities, work training, placement services, and employment support for people with developmental disabilities, to supply free Tide soap pod samples along with a Laundry 101 flyer to students. Supplying the scholars using the pods isn’t just a pleasant goodwill business gesture towards the universities additionally, it educates the scholars around the proper detergent usage in High Quality machines, which will help keep individuals machines in good condition.


My Laundry Routine! (Clean My Space)


Diane Bishop: I ‘banned’ my boyfriend from doing the laundry years ago because he washed things at the wrong temperature, dried things that shouldn’t be dried, hung things up like towels which are BETTER being dried and everything that was hung up was hung so badly it got creased way more than it needed to be which created more work. Somehow it never occurred to me that I could just ban him from washing MY clothes and things like towels and bedding and I could get a separate hamper for HIS clothes. I’m NEVER done with the laundry mostly because of how much he goes through so I’m thinking I may just let him back in the laundry room again.

cinnamar: I just put whites colors and darks all in one load lol I know it’s bad

charlie lou: That dot tip is sheer genius!!

TonyHickschick: Lots of people feel the need to wash towels separate but I don’t see the need, as long as they are similar colors to the rest of the load.

nzinga zindua: As a low income person, I don’t own a washing/dryer machine. I go to the laundry mat once or twice monthly. Love socializing with fellow launderers. I’m a 54 year old stay at homer.

Lisa Bennette: I do laundry every day, usually 1 load a day.

Shari Puddicombe (Busy Mama): Everyone in our family does their own laundry. My husband does his own, as do my 2 boys (ages 10 and 14) who do it weekly as part of their chores. I take care of linens (towels, cloths, bedding, etc) once a week and I still help my 10 year old fold/put away his laundry, but he is learning how to so he can be more independent and develop the good habit of starting/finishing this task. 🙂

CometsAllstarGirl: My laundry routine is to wash everything once a week. That way it doesn’t pile up and I’m not washing clothes everyday.

Jennlewis16: Would love to see a video of how to clean cloth diapers. Your a pretty natural person it seems like that would be right up your alley.

Diane O: Laundry every other day since I’m washing husband’s clothes, too (otherwise he would just wear dirty clothes, ewww) plus blankets and rugs because of so many cats and dogs. So tired of all the laundry but I hate when it piles up.

brisa contreras: My laundry routine is just like chads ��

Fiona Grocott: We’re a family of 5 and I do around 2 or maybe 3 loads a day! Does anyone iron anymore? I feel like I’m forever ironing! Lol!

Tina Salas: Once my kids hit 5th grade they had to do their own laundry. We each had our own days to do laundry. Monday was the day all sheets and towels were done.

Mikayla Allegretto: I would always welcome a snowy visual!

Syed Mohammed Osman Hassan: Once in a month

Georgia Hadjicosta: Hi today, I did my laundry, a load of darks, everything inside out, cold water,1/4 cup of liquid soap and 1cup vinegar! Also today I convinced my neighbors to use vinegar rather than fabric softener! Iam proud! !

Sami Kay: With kids never mix loads. Each child gets their own laundry basket and if clothes get left around the house they don’t get washed and sit in a little bucket awaiting their saviors. Then each child greats a designated day or time for their laundry to be washed.

TheMeghan99: Would anyone else actually like to see the blizzard outside?? 🙂

Heather Halliday: my question is, how do u get ur partners help to clean anything at all… i do everything everyday or it becomes a pigsty koz hes unable to pick anything up

A Coates Life: can you make a video of how to clean high efficiency machines? thanks!

Linda Quick: I’ll put a load in and set the timer to finish just about when I get home at night, then just toss into the dryer. One load a day, no loads on the weekend!

David Johnson: Your dryer lint trap looks like Hello Kitty, 🙂

Yvonne Siber: My husband of 40 years has been doing his own laundry as long as we’ve been married. He is retired military and from the get-go I wasn’t doing his laundry up to military standards/expectations, so he started doing his own and it has continued.

Abigail Jones: My family does the exact same thing! The dot method, I mean.��

Jordan Hagan: please look at dryer fires on youtube melissa and do a video about it to let people now the risk

svntrs: what’s up with the camera? It doesn’t seem as sharp as usual… I honestly thought this video was from 2014 or something..

Voerti: The dot tag marking thing is genius!!

ladyflimflam: I think weight is a better way to sort laundry than colors. If you wash all your clothes in cold water it doesn’t matter if all the colors are together.

Practical Ideas: Nice video. Actually, vinegar is great to solve several problems in our clothes. Soon I will post in my recent blog different situations that vinegar can solve on clothing. Best wishes for you!

yukonladi1603: Can you do one on how to clean the accent pillows for beds and couches. I don’t want to wash them in the washer and ruin them

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