Cd one cost cleaners – limitless pickup &amp delivery laundry service in countryside, illinois

Cd one cost cleaners - limitless pickup &amp delivery laundry service in countryside, illinois

WESTCHESTER, IL. (September 16, 2016) – CD One Cost Cleaners, lengthy recognized to chicago being an leader in the industry in dry cleaning and laundry, is getting convenience straight to their customers’ doorways using the launch of the Limitless Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service, presently on offer at CD One out of Countryside only.

Countryside residents are now able to complete laundry and save your time with only a tap around the CD One Pickup and Delivery Laundry application, that is open to download in the Application Store and Google Play Store.

Upon registering for this particular service, CD One provides each new customer with special-made laundry bags. Dirty laundry could be left outdoors of the customer’s home, which is selected up with a friendly delivery driver. CD You will then launder and/or dry clean the garments and send them back towards the customer, back for their door, neat and folded.

Ongoing their low-cost model and quick turn-around time, CD One’s Limitless Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service includes a following day service guarantee, same in-store prices, and limitless monthly pickup and delivery service all for $9.95 per month ($9.95 doesn’t include price of cleaning).

Residents of Countryside have previously begun registering and installing the brand new application, which the organization states is ideal for anybody that has an on-the-go lifestyle, needs additional time when they were young, or simply hates doing laundry. Customers can join scheduled pickup occasions or select an on-demand service for $7.95 per use.

Captured, CD One announced the launch of the Neat and Fold Laundry Service, making the typically disliked household chore to do laundry a great deal simpler. For any low cost (varies by store location) presently varying from $.99-$1.49 per pound, customers can fall off bags of private and everyday laundry products in the nearest participating CD One, to possess them washed (laundered) and folded or pressed. Exactly the same-day service policy applies (in by 10 a.m. out by 5 p.m) at no extra charge. This straightforward services are an expense-effective means to fix laundry. The cost of unpolluted and Fold varies each and every location, but is typically nearly 40% savings over most independent dry cleaners in the region!

The help CD One provides are saving customers time and money. Regardless of customer’s preference they’re still benefiting.

&quotWe wish to provide our customers having a convenient one-stop-look for dry cleaning and laundry,&quot states John The other agents, v . p . of promoting for CD One Cost Cleaners. “Our focus isn’t just on supplying excellent services for the customers, but also to give them what they need most: time, convenience, and simplicity of use. This latest service takes the “work” from the customer and provides it to all of us. All they need to do is push a control button around the CD One Pickup and Delivery application, we’ll handle the remainder on their behalf.”

About CD One Cost Cleaners

CD One Cost Cleaners relies in suburban Chicago. Founded in 2001, the organization operates over 34 franchise and company owned locations within the Midwest. CD One Cost Cleaners provides customers having a deeply discounted, one-cost insurance policy for all men’s and women’s clothes along with a same-day service policy (in by 10 a.m. and out by 5 pm.) at no extra charge. The company’s advanced technology that tracks orders and emails customers when their clothes are prepared for get, complimentary flavored coffee, as well as an open-air setup that enables people to see on-premises operations are only a couple of ways they tangibly represent their values-driven business culture for their customers. Follow CD One Cost Cleaners on Twitter and facebook or visit: world wide


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