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Rugs could be exquisite additions to your house, but for the way they are made, taking care of them might be difficult. High finish, hands-knotted Oriental rugs, for instance, need a careful, very specific kind of choose to ensure their fibers remain in tact, colors don’t migrate, as well as their value is preserved.

Proper rug maintenance will help keep rugs from getting broken. However, sometimes just fundamental use and functionality may cause issues for example torn fringes, color fading and bleeding, and worn fibers, which, otherwise correctly repaired, can devalue both form and performance of the pieces.

At occasions such as these, the easiest method to bring the luster back to your rugs, would be to allow the professionals take care of them.

The advantages of Professional Cleaning

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Professional care is the greatest option with regards to cleaning, protecting, and fixing your rugs. Here, at Woodard, we know the requirements of all kinds of rugs. Whether it is Persian, hands-knotted artisan, Karastan, Wilton, custom-bordered, or perhaps a machine-made flooring, not like the standard service our organization provides. 

We make certain that rugs which come into our hands are very well taken proper care of. Our cleaning process guarantees only the perfect leads to the quickest time possible.  We can’t take our eyes from your valuable rugs, in the initial inspection completely to delivery – showing the Woodard standard may be the epitome of carpet cleaning service services. 

With this help, you’re giving your rugs the security it requires, and helping avoid the following disasters:

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  • Premature put on because of excess soiling
  • Pet odor removal
  • The existence of mildew and mold
  • Heavy deterioration
  • Weakening of structural integrity
  • Color fading and bleeding
  • Unraveling fringe
  • Unsecured side cording and wrapping
  • Shrinkage of fabric
  • Torn surfaces
  • Insects burrowed deep within fringes and fibers

Why Choose Woodard?

The Woodard team has developed in the carpet cleaning service business for more than 70 years. With this much experience under our belts, we’ve developed numerous ways to maintain your rugs in top condition. We of experts and specialists are certified to deal with your rugs using the tender care and love they might require. Our services are efficient and expert, so call us today at: 314-227-3928 and experience carpet cleaning service services, rug repairs, and rug pad choices for the first time. You might visit our contact page form for more queries. Woodard’s services are for sale to both residential and commercial qualities found in the surrounding regions of Missouri and Illinois.

Complete Restoration Services by Woodard24/7

When disaster strikes, use we of certified restoration professionals. With nearly 70 experience, we be capable of rebuild your house, building, or business from beginning to end. With Woodard in your corner, getting &quotback to normalcy&quot has not been simpler.

Whenever you call Woodard for water, fire or storm damage restoration, we’ll use a proven, scientific procedure that brings your house or workplace to its pre-disaster form. This can be a multi-step process we have proven works.


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