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Carpet Cleaning Murrieta – Trashed Carpet


kiki tresa: So satisfying

derek xiao: why would you everchange point of view for before andafter photos, doesnt that defeat the purpose?

Mark Markovic (Turbo Man): After doing such a killer cleaning job brush it out so the video and photos see the clean without the shading effects.  (they look like dirt spots and streaks) Carpet cleaners understand but homeowners don’t.

Alps P: Surely just cheaper to put a new carpet in for that size

Joltzer X: 1. The technician is not wearing shoe covers.

TotallyCool: I don’t know how people can fuck their houses that badly.

Hector Leon: hi my name is Hector I am a carpet cleaner myself and I also have a rotovac 360i and I love it. nice video keep up the good work from

KyleTafoya: Those stains will resurface in a week….

Lou Montana: Call me crazy but I rake out every single job before I leave.

epicduckmaster3: Chem dry carpet cleaning is the same service in all areas. This guy is using a rotovac and Chem dry uses something similar to it.

Claude Bussieres: I’d put a Von Schrader LMX against this machine any day and come out on top!

ASAP Carpet Cleaning: Nice job Gary!!

Princess Peach: It seems to be a bad business idea to need to be tethered to a vehicle outside. What a way to limit access and thus customer base and work.

Jonathan Clark: nice pants

Dallas Girl: still look dirty 2x me

Anthony Iaconis: Was this filmed during an earthquake?

TeacherTeacher: Damn, if your carpet gets that dirty, it’s time for hard wood/tile flooring! I can only imagine how absolutely disgusting the padding is ������

M Zam: I wish this was my job

LOLWHUTPERVERT: My friend rented out a room in her house to a guy, he never let her in or look in the room which she thought was fine cause he was paying for it.. but one day the guy’s dad came over and broke down the door because he was pissed at him (he payed for it later) and found out the room had been transformed into a crack den. The carpets were saturated with cigarette and chemical smoke stains, amongst other unknown substances… She moved the mattress off the floor and there was a square shaped area of clean carpet 20 shades lighter than the rest of it. Anywho does this type of cleaning remove crack/cigarette smoke stains or would it be wiser to change the carpet all together?

dingo23451: I love how it removes the black and turns it into white.

Natalie Rivera: nothing will ever clean a carpet because all the nasty dirt and stains still come back to the top surface after a week. there will never be a machine that can remove all the dirt. Get tile

Ginger Lopez: I live in perris how much for just a small room???

Tweedlebean: This seems like a very therapeutic job

askquestionsplz: i find the obsession with carpet in california to be disturbing! i can’t have even a square foot of it in my house.

KittenKagome01: that was just gross! holy crap though

Erin Klossner: Looks brand new!

Rawr_Kitten: this is why carpet is gross go with tile or even better wood floors

Edgar Puente: hi a cuestion about ur rotovac r u using a carpet brush head?

QJ Selwyn: still dirty lol

Matthew Hepple: Looks good, just worried about the cost of all this and the upkeep?