Ayoub oriental carpet cleaning service

Ayoub oriental carpet cleaning service

Next, underneath the proper care of our technicians, your rug is going to be hands-washed utilizing a 100% biodegradable and nontoxic shampoo. Bear in mind, delicate products could be washed as fast as everyday laundry when the right goods are used. Our niche made of woll shampoo created using lavender or eucalyptus plant derivatives contains pure advantageous essential oils without any synthetic fragrances. This shampoo can create a gentle feel and glowing luster while deterring dustmites and moths out of your rug.

We like our Oriental rugs, but we like our pets too. Should you encounter pet issues, we focus on odor removal and may get rid of the most persistent of smells. Odor causing elements in your rug is going to be encapsulated to become extracted throughout the cleaning process. Your rug is going to be hands washed several occasions to purge out all of the contaminants there.

Following a thorough hands-washing, the rug goes via a very meticulous grooming to make sure a pleasant finish, then dried within our condition-of-the-art climate controlled drying room.

When your rug is totally dry, we all do our “look, feel, smell” test. We glance to make certain your rug looks vibrant by addressing as numerous stains and spots as you possibly can. Next, we make certain your rug feels as soft because it are able to be. To determine the smell, we literally put our nose for your rug to make certain all foreign odors are removed. Finally, your rug is going to be folded up and securely came back searching new.


Ayoub oriental carpet cleaning service

Why Choose Ayoub Carpet Service?

Ayoub Carpet Services are celebrating 65 many years of business and it has experience of the most challenging of challenges with regards to rug care, including water damage and mold and pet damage. We keep our standards high and as a result, the outcomes we obtain are exceptional.

Because the original and founding Ayoub family within the carpet cleaning service business, which began in Arlington, Veterans administration in 1952, we continue the pride to do a great job with honesty and integrity. We are grateful to state that we have developed thousands of relationships with individuals that aren’t only loyal clients but our buddies too. In recognition of my grandfather Frederick Ayoub, my dad Jack Ayoub, and my uncles Norman, Mike, Stated, and Fred, we’ll make an effort to keep doing your company name justice by supplying the very best service we are able to. From the foot of our hearts, we thank everyone from every facet of the corporation in order to us end up being the most broadly known and revered carpet, rug, and flooring company in the region.

– Dan Ayoub

Resourse: http://rugcare.com/oriental-rug-cleaning/

Ayoub Carpet Service Wash Room – Hand wash oriental rug

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