A-one cleaners

A-one cleaners

  • &ldquoEveryone having a-A person fantastic! The home was immediately and unobtrusively washed rapidly following the fire. A sizable hurry order was handled rapidly and sent to your accommodation. Tina known as to ask about final delivery, but never was manipulative, only accommodating. I am unable to consider in whatever way it might have possibly gone better. I will be grateful for that comfort, ease, and sensitivity presented to us throughout a demanding time whenever we weren’t at our very best, however, you were. Thanks!&rdquo

    Barbara – Mason, Ohio

  • &ldquoMost of you will be aware me being an analyst for E.S.P.N. I’ve been utilizing a-One Cleaners for a long time and can’t say enough about the caliber of service I’ve received since my loved ones and that i began utilizing a-One. Since I am on vacation a lot, the get and fall off services are something I have started to rely on. You will find occasions that my travel is adjusted in the last second, along with a-One happens to be prepared to adjust with my schedule. Shaun Frank had our route whenever we began having a-One, and that he really gave us special service every week. Whenever we gone to live in our home this past year, we retained A-One and also the service has continued to be impeccable. As lengthy as we live within the Tri-Condition area, we’ll make use of a-One for those our cleaning needs.&rdquo

    Tom – Indian Hill, Ohio

  • &ldquoI happen to be a loyal A-One customer for pretty much ten years. Through the years, I have started to consider A-One as not only a fundamental dry cleaner? which i use for fine fabrics and shirts. Most amazing in my experience would be the occasions after i thought something was destroyed only to discover it getting back from A-One searching like new. Dark wine on the white-colored tablecloth, pet urine on custom drapes, as well as an exploded ink pen throughout a completely new designer jacket are only a couple of examples in which a-You have saved your day. Customer support is the greatest around, and that i wouldn’t use other people!&rdquo

    Lyn – Loveland, Ohio

  • &ldquoWe happen to be customers of the-One Cleaners for more than fifteen years! That speaks volumes concerning the service we receive. Just like any effective business, it’s the small stuff that A-One cleaners achieves this well (a control button replaced, a zipper repaired). But, most of all, it’s A-One’s focus on detail and impeccable customer support which makes them “A-One” within our book!&rdquo

    Linda – Indian, Hill

  • &ldquoMy wife (Carol) and I’ve been utilizing a-One Dry Cleaning for more than twenty five years. Employees in the Search Road location usually have taken excellent proper care of us. They are fully aware our name, remember little bits of our previous conversations and just how I love my shirts cleaned, starched and pressed. Employees happens to be very welcoming. We’d not consider visiting every other company.&rdquo

    Steve &amp Carol – Blue Ash, Ohio

Resourse: http://a-onecleaners.com/

1 Hour Home Cleaning Routine


Julia Perry: I have been doing this for years. My family thinks I am ocd because my home is aalways clean. It is because I have a routine that I do every day and pick one room a day to deep clean. It is my best kept secret. I organize a small area everytime the phone rings. It is useable time that most people pass by. I also purge before or after each shopping trip. I donate or throw away on a regular basis to keep clutter at bay. Loved your video because it is all about the routine!!

MIZJ DATSRIGHT: Nikki I love this schedule but I have kids 12, 6, 5, and 6 mo and a husband who doesn’t always puts things back so I’m constantly picking up behind everyone. How can I get them organized w/o turning them into robots?

Donna Harris (Southern Crafty Lady): I have watched this video 2 times and it has really inspired me. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for over a year now and one thing that helps is being organized and keeping my house clean. I was doing ok for a little while but fell behind again. I am trying so hard to get it together. I took notes after watching this video the 2nd time and I love making lists so hopefully I can make a plan using your ideas. I have recently done some purging but need to do a little more. It made such a big difference. You couldn’t walk in my closet but now have lots of floor space. TFS Donna in Fountain Inn, South Carolina

sammie: This is one of my favorite videos.  I love them all though.  

missmayflower: You make everything so simple, in such a friendly manner.  Love your videos.  You are inspiring.

Coconvert: I will do this method and let you know ! Cause i am a busy working girl . On the weekday i just do regular things ( dish washer , order the house.. ) and on the week end i do all cleaning but it takes me one day !! So i want to try to clean my house 1 hour a day in my lunch break ! Cause i have 2 hours for lunch ! Hope it will work for me ! thank you for your amazing videos ! ( sorry for my mistakes i am french )

Michele W: Excellent advice!  I cook everyday and all those dirty pots, pans, and bowls to wash, and the chopping, preparing, and cooking…..all that takes at least another hour and a half, in addition to the hour you mentioned of home maintenance.  Quality of life is better in a one-income household — things stay more in order, the family eats better foods, etc. — but it is next to impossible for most households to live comfortably on one income.  Everything is so expensive nowadays and no one gets raises anymore (and hasn’t in years)…..I’m glad I already raised my 3 kids — it was so much easier in the 90’s.

Pam Ruebusch: Got to put Swiffer Dusters in your cleaning bin.  They are a staple for dusting and make the chore go faster and creates less dust in air. 🙂

DanaPatriciaMary1: Does anybody in the U.S. do the ironing? I am from Europe and I have to do it every single day (I have 2 young kids), or else it would pile up and eventually fall over us and no one would ever find us…

Tessie Dobey: Washing dishes, I too do not understand going to be with dirty dishes in the sink. You are going to have to wash them the next morning, there are no overnight dish fairies. Anyway, I love your routine and will certainly add it to my routine

NiecyAlso: So helpful! I have 2 small children and work full time…but I will find the time 🙂 Thx

Alazag Mujna: By far one of the most useful videos on youtube. This system is so versatile it could work in any home irrespective of the level of neatness.It is better than the Flylady system or the Slob Sisters system. I have been doing it, you only reconfirmed it for me. i suggest you start a  TAG VIDEO on the same topic so we get to learn how the other efficient ladies manage their homes. A round of applause for you NIKKI. You are such an inspiration. Love from India.

ohMamarazzi Scrapbooking: Love your ideas Nikki (in fact, I love everything you do!) but the one thing I do quite differently is laundry after peak hours.  Saves energy which in turn saves us some moola.  

peacefulheart: I break it down to 15 min. cleaning in each room, and I use a timer. Thanks Nikki, I love your Ideas.

Bronx Productions: Great idea to keep a routine but it would take me an hour just to a couple of bathrooms. I have 6 living in this house and 5 bathrooms. Trying all your organizational tips will help streamline things though. BTW to get through I do on average 4 loads of laundry a day.

Dayana Alvarado (Mrs Crafty): I always have such a hard time keeping uo withbmy cleaning. This is going ti be socmuch help! thanks.

CleaningforProfit.com: Your cleaning caddy set up looks great! I would add an extendable duster, makes it a lot easier to get the top of the ceiling fan blades 🙂 thanks for posting!

OfftoShambala: I do not believe in dirty dishes in the sink either! 

Miss Castle: I love you. <3  Wanda Charriez: OH My! Nikki,! Nikki,! Nikki,! whr hv u bng all my life. Thank you!!!!! all the best for you. God bless you. Thank you and please keep them coming. Thank you.  YIEYYYYY

Michele Coccaro: Nikki do you run your dishwasher every single night? Mine isn’t always full but maybe it would help me to not always be stuck with a FULL load to empty

hearmymotoredheart: That’s a lot of laundry to do each week. That could be done every other day or a couple of times a week.

Fun Times11: What if you don’t have a dishwasher

Kay M.: Hi Nikki, do you have any plans to do an updated cleaning routine?

QueenNewNew: can you do a vlog teaching us french that would be so cool to learn

Esther Ng: Don’t think I can do my daily duty in 20mins. vacuum alone takes 1hr. Changing sheets too I have 5 beds to do.

L Wi: Thanks for this! Nowadays I have zero energy being on my first trimester, I have to make the best of it lol question: Do you have little children? Im not trying to be rude but all that white! Its beautiful but I cringe just thinking of how my son plays in our home lol Maybe its just us? ❤️

Cynthia Lutz: This looks like such an easy-to-follow schedule. Thank you!!

Norman Settles: I love your art…you make it look so easy! I can do it!!!!

Godslove331: Genius!!!!!

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