7 of the greatest laundry delivery service apps

7 of the greatest laundry delivery service apps


You are able to schedule the transaction around the application or through the website, along with a Rinse valet will arrive between 8-10 pm to get your laundry. You’ll get a text indication forty-five minutes before your pickup. The valet provides you with bags to split up your clothes (white-colored for dry cleaning/launder and press, black for wash and fold, and teal for hang dry.) Whenever your order is finished, Rinse will be sending a text to verify your delivery.

Services: Dry cleaning, launder and press, wash and fold, hang dry &amp repairs

Platforms: iOS &amp Android

Have it in: Bay Area &amp La

Cost: Prices vary, but wash and fold services start at $1.75/lb. Delivery is free of charge unless of course you’ve got a hurry order, which can cost you an additional $5.

Dirty Laundry

Schedule your preferred pickup and delivery time with the application, as well as an agent will arrive on your two-hour window to get the transaction. You are able to track your status with the application, so when the transaction is finished, your charge card is going to be billed as well as your laundry is going to be delivered around the date you requested. Regular laundry services possess a 24-hour turnaround time, but dry cleaning and wash and press may take 48 hrs or even more.

Services: Regular laundry, wash and press &amp dry cleaning

Platforms: iOS &amp Android

Have it in: New You are able to City

Cost: Prices vary by item and repair, but orders must meet a $20 delivery minimum.


Simply register and ensure your delivery time, along with a FlyGuy will arrive to get your clothes having a fresh laundry or dry cleaning bag. FlyCleaners’ partner facilities will clean your clothes based on your application demands, and you will be notified whenever your order is finished. After that, you are able to confirm a delivery time for you to receive your clothes.

Services: Wash and fold, press, hang dry &amp dry cleaning

Platforms: iOS &amp Android

Have it in: New You are able to City

Cost: Prices vary, but orders over $30 include totally free. Orders under $30 come with an additional $3.99 delivery fee, and hurry orders can cost you $5 more.

Boomerang New york city

With the application, enter your payment information, address and cleaning preferences and ask for a pickup. An worker will arrive within 15-half an hour to obtain your order, that you simply must separate in advance (Boomerang provides you with multiple-use bags at the first pickup.) You will get a push notification whenever your order is prepared, and you may request your delivery after that. Bonus: All Boomerang’s services are eco-friendly and eco-friendly.

Services: Wash and fold, hands wash, hang dry, dry cleaning &amp minor repairs

Platforms: iOS

Have it in: New You are able to City

Cost: $1.25/lb for wash and fold services (must meet no less than 10 lbs.) Other prices vary by item.


Clothespin will hook you up having a local cleaner, and you may pick the cleaner you want to use according to cost and testimonials. When you setup a purchase, Clothespin will ping your cleaner and they’re going to come to get your clothes. The application will show you the transaction status and you will get a summary email using the time the transaction is going to be ready. With respect to the cleaner you utilize, you’ll either pay via charge card with the application, or spend the money for cleaner directly.

Services: Services vary by cleaner.

Platforms: iOS, but Android users may use the mobile site

Have it in: New You are able to City

Cost: Prices vary with respect to the cleaner you select, but pickup and delivery have the freedom.

Resourse: http://apartmenttherapy.com/