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Ubersuggest Chrome Extension Review

If you are looking for a way to make Google searches more helpful, consider installing the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. You can download it from the link below and install it in Google Chrome. Once installed, you can use it just like any other regular Google search. It will provide you with actionable insights into what you’re searching for.


The free Ubersuggest extension is a great SEO tool that analyzes keywords and backlinks. It also shows keyword CPC, monthly search volume, and competition. The extension has an intuitive interface and can greatly improve the rankings of your website and content. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, then this tool is a must-have.

You can use Ubersuggest to generate content ideas, find new keywords, and even boost your organic traffic. All you need to do is type in your keyword or domain, and the extension will generate suggestions for your content. Once you’ve selected your keywords, you can filter them to get the most relevant and popular keywords. You can also export your search engine results to a CSV file for further analysis.

The Ubersuggest chrome extension is free to download and offers keyword data from Google, YouTube, and Amazon. The extension supports nine international languages. With this extension, you can find relevant keywords for your website, as well as learn which types of content will attract a higher ranking. You can also check out keyword difficulty, cost per click and difficulty scores to get an idea of which keywords are best for your website.

You can also use this extension to research competitor websites and see how many pages have links to yours. This free tool helps you find related keywords and understand how competitors rank for your chosen keywords.


There are a variety of paid and free options for the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. The free version limits you to three searches per day, while the paid version gives you unlimited searches. In addition to keyword suggestions, the chrome extension also displays statistics about traffic and backlinks for the keywords you’re researching.

The free version of the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is a powerful tool for keyword research. Similar to Keywords Everywhere, this tool provides you with detailed keyword data right in the search bar. It displays keyword data, CPC data, and monthly searches. For example, if you’re researching products for a niche website, you can get a list of products that people are looking for.

The paid version also comes with additional features. In addition to backlink data, it displays social share counts and domain metrics. It also finds emails associated with websites and social networks. The free plan offers up to 50 credits per month. Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides rank tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive analysis.

If you want a free version of Ubersuggest, you can try the trial version. It is very easy to use and offers a wealth of information. This tool is a valuable tool for content creation. You can use it to find keywords you might not have thought of.

Data it provides

The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is a great way to save time while doing keyword research. It’s similar to Keywords Everywhere, but instead of presenting keyword data in a separate window, the extension displays data directly in the search bar. It can tell you how many searches a keyword has each month and the CPC for that keyword. This tool can also export keyword data into a CSV file for further analysis.

The extension also provides data on the position of a keyword across different websites. It also displays the number of organic visitors per month and the total number of backlinks. It also shows how many people click on a specific keyword and how much it costs to rank for it. You can use this free extension to see how many people are searching for your keyword.

The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is a free and powerful SEO tool that shows detailed results for any keyword you type. When you create content, you often need to do keyword research on relevant terms. The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension provides relevant data that will help you craft effective content. You can add this extension to your Google search and use it along with your regular Google searches to get the most relevant data. The data that this tool gives you is incredibly useful.

When it comes to pricing, the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension is free and comes with a free trial. The free version allows you to see historical data about your blog as well as the blogs of your competitors. It also has an enterprise plan for those who run eight or more websites. The enterprise plan provides more features, such as tracked keywords, locations, and reports.

Limits on free data

If you are looking for a free browser extension to enhance your Google searches, Ubersuggest is worth checking out. The extension is available in Google Chrome and provides keyword suggestions and interesting data. It is a great way to learn about the best products available. The downside, however, is that there are limits to the amount of data you can use for free.

The extension works best with Google’s YouTube and Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce website. However, some users have complained that the data is presented in an annoying way and interrupts their user experience. Furthermore, the extension’s features are not nearly as powerful as the full Ubersuggest SEO suite.

The Ubersuggest Chrome extension is available free of charge for life but has its limitations. The free version is limited to three searches per day. However, you can use it to check the historical data of your website and competitors. It also allows you to see how your site is ranked, including its competition.

Ubersuggest has a free extension for Chrome, but you’re limited to 3 keyword searches per day and to one website. Moz Keyword Explorer is an attractive keyword research tool, which gives detailed information about search volume, organic difficulty, organic click-through rate, and priority score for each search term. The free version is very limited in terms of data but still offers many benefits.

Available in 9 languages

Ubersuggest is a chrome extension that shows you keywords and SEO metrics for any website. It can help you improve page rankings and climb the SERPs. It can be used in nine different languages including Chinese and Japanese. The extension is free and can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.

The extension offers keyword data for Google, YouTube, and Amazon. You can view the number of Google searches for your keywords, their volume, and CPC. The extension also shows you how many times these keywords have been used on your competitor’s websites. It’s also possible to get insights on how difficult a keyword is to rank for.

The premium version of the extension provides advanced features for SEO. It shows the monthly search volume, competition data, and CPC of keywords. You can also view the trend of a keyword using the Ubersuggest Chrome extension. The extension has a wide range of useful features, including free and paid plans.


Price: Ubersuggest chrome extension is available for free and will give you keyword data for any search term. It is an excellent free alternative to Keywords Everywhere. The chrome extension also shows you the search volume of a keyword on Google. It offers keyword data from over 70 countries.

Ubersuggest is a great SEO tool that will provide you with new keyword ideas and content ideas to rank higher in Google. The tool also provides backlinks and traffic to your site. It is also available in 9 different languages. This makes it an even better choice for international sites.

Pricing varies depending on your needs. You can get a free trial, a one-time license, or a subscription plan. The free plan will give you access to all features and the first 30 days of findings. The subscription plan comes with additional features, including data exporting.

Ubersuggest chrome extension is free to use. However, if you want to unlock even more features, you should upgrade to the pro plans. These plans come with more bandwidth. However, Neil Patel has mentioned that he may move more features to the free version once he has made a profit.

Ubersuggest extension offers insight into how well your content is performing. In addition to SERP results, it displays information on the number of social shares, domain metrics, and more. The tool also shows you the keywords your competitors are using.