How dry cleaning works-nashville tn-red bag dry cleaning

How dry cleaning works-nashville tn-red bag dry cleaning

  1. Tagging and Inspection The initial factor we all do is identify the transaction by counting the products and describing them, recording the drop-off and pick-up dates, after which tagging the items of clothing having a small tag which will remain on car process. We inspect each bit of clothing for stains, and for those who have requested special attention, we attach another colored tag to that particular item to make sure that attention is addressed.
  2. Pre-treatment This is where we pre-treat stains, so we attempt to remove all stains without needing chemicals. Should you catch a stain early, you can assist us by pre-treating the stain yourself. Use water for wet stains (a stain which had water inside it) along with a stain-removing solvent for dry stains (a stain with grease or oil). Tap and blot each side from the fabric having a soft cloth, then rinse the material, and allow it to dry. We’ll take it from there.
  3. Dry Cleaning Your clothing is put into a cleaning machine, an electric motor-driven washer/extractor/dryer that may hold 20 to 100 pounds of garments inside a rotating, perforated stainless basket. As the clothing is rotating within the basket, a continuing flow of unpolluted solvent is pumped in with the pump and filter system. With solvent being sprayed constantly in to the basket, your clothing is immersed and therefore are dropped and pounded against baffles within the cylinder. The dirty solvent is pumped continuously via a filter and it is recirculated free of any grime and dirt. Within the next cycle, your clothing is drained and spun quickly to expel the solvent and get into a dry cycle with heated air circulating with the basket. Any remaining fumes and solvent will be vaporized by heated air after which condensed over cooling coils.
  4. Publish-recognizing Using steam, water, air, and vacuum, publish-recognizing is a reasonably simple process for removing a stain. Your clothing is inspected after cleaning to find out if any stains remain. If it’s a water-based stain, it requires water or wet-side chemicals to wash the stain, and if it’s a dry stain, solvents or dry-side chemicals can be used to get rid of the stain. Nearly all stains can be taken off however, some stains could be persistent, so that as hard once we try, the stain can’t be entirely removed.
  5. Finishing Within the final stage from the dry cleaning process, we finish the outfit by making use of steam to melt it, re-shaping it through quick drying, taking out the steam with air or vacuum, or squeezing tightly into it.

For those who have any queries concerning the dry cleaning process, contact Pure Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning. Our knowledgeable employees are here to enable you to find out about the way we dry clean your clothes.


How Dry Cleaning Works – Bancrofts Dry Cleaning

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