An organization dedicated to keeping our country's heritage alive and to show how oxen can be used even in this modern world.

MODA has a new address-The new web site will be totally up and running by the 1st of the year.

Let me, the web drover, know what you think about it.

Does it load faster or slower for you. Is it easier to navigate. I need your feed back to make it the best site I can. Thank you for your help.

You can contact me at contact@modaox.us

Don't miss the 15th annual

2010 gathering.

June 25, 26 & 27th.


Tillers International, Scotts Mills, Mi


Andy VanOrd approaching the Springhill barn on the prarie walk  

We will be posting when the newsletter is mailed in this location. If you do not recieve yours within 10 to 14 days please contact Vicki Solomon. We think some of our addresses are not accurate or the postoffice is destroying them.  

Your Fall 2009 letter should have arrived by now either by e-mail or snail mail  

Get more information on next  years Gathering

Mission Statement: To promote the use of Oxen to our American Youth as well as to those in Foreign Lands, so that all may be shown their diversity and skills; Even in this Modern World. We do this to keep our American Heritage alive and to educate those who can benefit from our experiences.

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